The Methods and Stages in Money Laundering and Fraud

The Methods and Stages in Money Laundering and Fraud

Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary is a brilliant man behind the Koda associates who manage the difficult task of fraud and money laundering. His law firm is one of the best in dealing with these kinds of issues. It is the most popular firm in India, which many people rely on to manage their cases. The branches are found all over India and abroad also. He is always in connection with his client and comprehends his clients better than anyone. He knows what they want. He also understands money laundering and fraud issues well. He provides a good solution for his clients regarding these cases.

Here are some of the money laundering and fraud cases in the market –

  • Gambling sites and casino cases

Many people are aware that gambling is an illegal form of activity. It is the most effective method used for illicit funds. The chips can be stored for some time and will not be used for gambling for some time. It is later used and sold to some parties by exchanging them for money cheques. Many of the casinos will be able to transfer illicit funds from one place to the other. For instance, the chips in the casino in LA can be transferred to the casino in another branch. There are also other forms of gambling, like the horse race and race tracks.

  • The smuggling of cash

The cash kept in suitcases is the old school method in smuggling cash from one place to another. When it is used globally, this method will be done in a precisely planned process. It is a risky job as there is customs clearance. The activities like arms dealing and drugs are usually involved in these types of cases. Sometimes the backing networks are also involved in this illegal activity.

  • Life insurance policies

Life insurance is one of the ways where money laundering happens. The illicit funds are illegally laundered in the insurance policies. These kinds of policies are held for a very long time until the clean check is provided for the insurer. The amount of the policy is drawn when there is a facility.

  • The securities

The stock options are one of the ways used for laundering money. The launderer will sell the contracts where the illegal funds are put. He will get the profit.

  • Real estate

Real estate corporations are also involved in money laundering. The high value of real estate is the main factor used here. Doing business with a profitable estate is a good opportunity for the launderer.

  • The currency exchange bureaus

This assists the money launderers to launder money with lower risks. The smurfing is associated with the process of money laundering.

There are many law firms in India; therefore, choosing the right law firm is a difficult task. If you are looking for the best law firm and lawyer who understands your situation and offers good solutions, then choose the Koda associates, which is operated by the talented lawyer Mr. Dhananjay Choudhary.

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