The Must-Visit America’s Best Food Trucks
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The Must-Visit America’s Best Food Trucks

The Must-Visit America’s Best Food Trucks

Food trucks are one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. As of 2020, there are around 25,476 food trucks available in the country. Although growth in the food truck industry is not massive, it offers a steady flow of growth and a profitable business to look into.

Alabama, Alaska and Arizona currently have the most number of food trucks in the country. Although labor intensive, it is more reliant with manpower rather than capital, an opportunity entrepreneurs with low budgets can look into when starting a business.

Purchasing a Food Truck

Before you buy food truck, you can look into the top food truck companies currently enjoying the reaps of their labor in the food and service industry.

At present, the most popular food truck products loved by Americans include burgers, Indian street food, stone baked pizza, fries, grilled cheese, mac and cheese, tacos, lobster rolls and cupcakes.

To get a better understanding of the possibilities food trucks offer, check out the current top seven food truck businesses dominating America’s streets and alleys.

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Top 7 Best Food Trucks in the United States

1. Grilled Cheeserie in Nashville Tennessee

Grilled cheese is one of the top food truck products enjoyed in the United States. Some surveys even claim that grilled cheese is among the most favorite sandwiches of choice in the country. Also considered as a staple food, turkey and grilled sandwich comes into the second spot, after grilled cheese as the preferred comfort and fast food option in America.

Grilled Cheeserie started out in 2010 and is co-owned and operated by Crystal De Luna-Bogan, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef that boasts of experiences in fine dining areas in Napa Rose and the popular Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills. Currently, there are two Grilled Cheeserie that travels around Nashville serving gourmet grilled cheese in Music City.

2. Fukuburger Truck in Las Vegas

Burgers is considered to be one of the timeless and most staple food options in America. It is also often referred to as a national icon, it serves as a symbol of celebration and love for country. Whether its super large burgers, Hawaiian-styled burgers, western burgers, chicken burgers, or vegetarian burgers. Popularly known as hamburgers, this popular fast food staple was named after the dish “Hamburg Style Beef” or “Hamburg Steak”.

Fukuburger was named after one of its co-owners, Colin Fukunaga. He started flipping burgers as one of the workers in his grandfather’s sandwich shop, his earliest taste in the burger business. Fukunaga’s mother saw the growing number of taco trucks in Las Vegas in 2010. Fukunaga was not interested in tacos so he introduced burgers in the streets of Las Vegas instead. To add an interesting twist to the favorite fast food staple, he introduced Japanese flavors to their products. Fukuburger features wasabi mayonnaise, pickled red ginger as well as his secret and famous “crack sauce”.

3. Mac Mart Truck in Philadelphia

Mac and cheese is another loved food truck option in the United States. It is delicious, straight forward and can be easily enjoyed in the street and even on the go. Interestingly, the creamy combo arrived in the United States courtesy of Thomas Jefferson who enjoyed the dish while visiting France.

It was later reintroduced in America in 1937, when Kraft Foods introduced the boxed macaroni and cheese in the country.

Marti Lieberman started her Mac Mart Truck business in Philadelphia in 2013. It was initially rolled out on the campus of Drexel University where she was an alumni. He wanted to be her own boss and experimented in different recipes before buying her very first truck. On top of her famous seven-cheese mac and cheese recipe, she also added BBQ chicken chunks, cream cheese, crabmeat and many more new flavors on top of her classic mac and cheese flavors. The food truck restaurant also features several other dishes on the truck and a dozen more toppings that goes with mac and cheese.

4. Roti Rolls in Charleston, South Carolina

Healthy food options are now possible, even in fast food trucks in America. Roti parathas, a modern and flavorful version of the paratha is one of the healthier food options available in the streets of South Carolina. The traditional flatbread, Indian in origin, is undeniably one of the best hosts for the most interesting and unique flavors out there.

Roti Rolls is popularly known as the most consistently voted best food trucks in Charleston. It even once won the top spot for being the best food truck in all of South Carolina. It is mainly loved for its roti parathas padded in Caribbean, Asian and Indian flavored fillings. With ingredients made from naturally and locally grown ingredients, it is considered as one of the “Green Machines” on the road. Braised local short ribs, mac and cheese, local shrimps and butter bean chow-chow are among the top favorite menu items available from Roti Rolls.

5. Kogi BBQ in Los Angeles

BBQ is a staple in American celebrations and almost every important event in their homes. Almost half of the adult population in America has a grill or smoker in their homes. Contest, town celebrations and events are even hosted in honor of the delicious smoked meat. Enjoy these favorite American dishes, even on the street in the many food trucks available in America.

Kogi BBQ is one of the best celebrated food truck companies in the United States. It is even known as the godfather of food trucks in Los Angeles. The food truck brand was born in Seoul Korea and was brought to Los Angeles when Roy Choi graduated from the Culinary Institute of America. Choi initially started working in high-end restaurants in New York City after he graduated before he actually entered the food truck business in 2008. To create diversity in an industry dominated by BBQ, he infused Korean and Mexican flavors to his menu – including spicy pork tacos and Kogi kimchi quesadillas.

6. Ms. Cheezious in Miami

Cheese is one of the most popular flavors enjoyed in America. Available in different flavors, it is one of the top comfort foods of Americans in all ages. Mozzarella is considered to be the most popular type of cheese in the United States, commonly found on top of pizzas. It was first made in Italy near Naples created from milks extracted from water buffalos. Today, Mozzarella cheese is created from cow’s milk.

Ms. Cheezious, based in Miami is the best place to enjoy one of the kings of comfort foods – grilled cheese. The brand was introduced by couples Fatima and Brian Mullins together with their friend M. Christian Dickens in 2010. Brian developed the idea for the grilled cheese business inspired by his love for cooking. Its current menu features grilled blue and bacon, BBQ pork melt and s’mores melt for dessert. The business currently features two food trucks and two brick-and-mortar restaurants located in Coral Gables and Miami.

7. Oink & Moo BBQ in Florham Park, New Jersey

BBQ is indeed one of the top most loved food truck treats in America. Grilled recipes mostly reigns the top choices for comfort foods in the country.

Although BBQ seems to be a crowded niche to feature in a food truck business, it is still well appreciated and enjoyed both in the rural and the main cities in America.

Oink & Moo BBQ founded by Chef Josh Sacks is one of the best food trucks in New Jersey. It was launched in the region in 2012 and travels around the country looking for the best techniques and flavors to compliment their sumptuous meat offerings. The truck features a meat smoker on the truck,offering an authentic smoked experience to its patrons. Oink & Moo BBQ currently features three trucks serving the areas of New Jersey and Philadelphia.

With only a small number of food trucks serving the American population, there is a possibility of finding your niche and excelling in this very young yet profitable business. Food trucks offer variety and are often pioneered by small entrepreneurs or starting from a family business. There is also a huge market to tap in this industry, and hundreds of food options to start with for your business. The competition is also there, but is not as tough as compared to the other food industry niches. Explore your options and prepare to realize your food truck business ideas by taking inspiration from these top names in the food truck business in the United States.

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