The need and uses of packers and movers App

The need and uses of packers and movers App

Relocation services were always popular in India. People keep moving and shifting from place to place locally, nationally, or internationally. The shifting company is attaining successive heights with the passing days. The overall study reveals the various reasons for shifting. Majority of the populace is heading out of their present living or working place to set-up new business opportunity or grab the better job opportunity.

The demand of moving services is thriving and it has contributed to packers and movers mobile app development.

The motto behind the mobile app development related to moving services is to handle the moving services hassle free and making the shifting complexities easy.

The app means to meet the transportation requirement and logistic services.

What are the services offered by movers and packers mobile app?

Moving services

The moving services are available from decades for the desired customers. But, now with the introduction of packers and movers mobile app, the customers can schedule their household shifting much easily. The top packers and movers assures of quality, safe shifting, and end to end shifting services.

Relocating office service

To relocate any office is not a day work. It involves many other essential steps to carry forward the relocation of office in the best ways. A good packers and movers app makes simple and easier for both the customers and the company to shift the office furniture, computers, file organizers, and other office related stuff.

Transportation and warehousing

These two are essential part of moving services. On requirement, the movers and packers app can avail the best options for transporting vehicles. It is good for the company to rely on such app for warehousing facility.

The well organized packers and movers in Nagpur having years good record own transport and warehouse which keeps them independent to avail the related services to the customers easily and timely.

What are the advanced features of movers and packers App?

Marketing and promotional tool

The related offers and promotions are notified to the users of this app, timely. It holds the user’s attention and encourages them to be the customer whenever required. The discounts, special offers, and promotions lure the customers and help to increase the visibility of the business. Thus, the packers and movers App can be a big hit for the industry.

Online billing facility

The services paid to load and unload the packing stuff are invoiced manually or online. The transfer of goods related with transfer or shifting are noted down. In addition to the list of packed stuff, the items dispatched, weight of the item, time consumed, and the distance covered is needed to be recorded into the billing system.

It makes easier for the customers to generate the bill for the listed items with its details. It allows an easy ways for the customers to deal with the payment transactions.

Date of survey and planning can be fixed

Moving numbers of packed stuff is undoubtedly a hard and tiring job. To overcome the frustrations from such tedious work and complete the task properly, the proper planning is required. The authenticated proofs are essential before handing over the goods to a particular service provider.

The user of the app can fixed the date with the company to allow them to look on the household things to arrive at a final decision and quotation.

Hence, it becomes easy for the users to contact with the company and save time.

GST tracking

It is one of the most important factors in movers and packers mobile app. It is easier for a driver to follow the route map to locate the destination. It is possible to update the information related travelling to the destination.

Calculating the fare

Fare calculation is essential to know for any customer. The packers and movers mobile app makes the fare calculation easy. It perfectly counts the number of rides made by the driver for shifting the packed stuff.

More features can be added to make it rich mobile-app like payroll manager, log book, cash payment, etc.

Other services

  • Depends on user’s interest the moving services can be booked or scheduled for preferred time
  • The user can post reviews on the social sites with the help of statistics social media integration
  • When the frequent shifting of the goods is required, subscription package premium can be availed
  • Communication between the driver and user is possible related to destination details where the packed stuff are needed to drop
  • The multilingual features in the movers and packers app provides the facility to use the app in any language

10 Benefits of movers and packers App

Sign up

Signing up in the moving service app can be done easily. User can use email id or sign in through social media account.

Editing profile

The users can any time view the profile and edit if required. They can mend the privacy settings and upload or change the profile image.

Survey request

Survey request by the user can be made before making the shifting to make aware the service provider about the packed stuff that needed to be transferred.

Setting pickup and drop off location

The movers and packers app makes the entire system of setting the pickup and drop off location very convenient. The related set ups can be done by the user easily in a few moments.


The notification related to transfer of the stuff and driver assigned, the arrival time, etc. can be obtained. Also, the users are informed about the future latest deals and offers about the shifting services.

Request can be sent

The request can be sent to the service provider related to different terms and conditions and requirements of the users.

Easy payments

User gets the online payment facility with credit/debit cards, internet banking, etc.

Keep checking driver

The driver’s profile can be viewed, and track its travelling route along with the vehicle number.

Payment manager

The part payments made by the users and the balanced amount pending, both can be tracked and managed.

GPS trip tracking

The routes travelled and distance covered by a driver can be easily tracked and recorded. The stoppages of a driver on the route can be easily noted down.

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