All That Is Needed To Create A Flourishing Instagram Clone App

All That Is Needed To Create A Flourishing Instagram Clone App

Thanks to the hugely successful photo sharing/ editing app called Instagram, several entrepreneurs are busy in developing one for their own. However, the mission to create an application to compete with that of Instagram (worth over 100 billion dollars now) is a very arduous task. To find an easy yet effective solution, you can opt for an Instagram clone solution that has all the ingredients to be an advanced and superior version of the Instagram application. Speaking of Instagram, it presently has no significant competitors or Instagram clones in contention. So, this is the best opportunity to apply some unique touch in terms of creativity and innovation when developing your own Instagram clone.

This article will detail you how to develop such a clone solution with the needed features and how to monetize on it effectively. Begin the work involved in developing the User Panel of the Clone solution by keeping the following aspects intact, namely: –


This will allow the Instagram clone users to signup through their mobile numbers, mail id or any other social media accounts.

Profile Creation and Editing:

Users can add personal data, customize the profile and can restrict a set of people from accessing their profiles.

Variety of Settings:

Selection of languages, security, push notifications toggle, privacy policy etc. must be integrated with the clone.

Seamless Communication:

This is facilitated by push notifications, instant message chat and video chat options.

Media Files Upload:

This is the core functionality integrated with every Instagram clones. Videos and photos must be uploaded, and they must be enriched with features including like, comment and tag, GPS functionality for better user engagement.

Photo Editing:

For captivating other people, the photos can be edited by rotation, cropping, filters and such.

Social Media Integration:

The edited photos should be allowed to be streamed across all other social media accounts of the user that instantaneously and this is another principle characteristic of every Instagram clone.


Wield the power of special filters to search by downloaded time, rating, location and the such. Users must also be able to search for others with the help of specific keywords, names and hashtags as well.

Now speaking of the Admin Panel must include the following functionalities like Admin Dashboard, Reports, User & Content Manager and proper Authorization.

Branding Strategies:

Now, after all the work related to the development and testing completed from a technological point of view, it is time for some marketing work to be done. It is to ensure that by the time the Instagram clone gets launched, some willing users want to become a part of the application.

Instagram succeeded initially in terms of popularity because of the power of buzz marketing. So, you can try something related to that. So, let’s get people to start talking about your application.

Social activity:

Develop a page that is solely dedicated to your app and begin interacting with your specific audience base. With this, a vast user base is created well in advance before the app is launched.


The users can be rewarded if they invite other people in the form of cool filters, some stunning photo effects or some other enthralling features.

Influence Marketing:

With this social media marketing, invite people who have accounts on other social media platforms. Start things by providing them with free advertising and free access to exclusive premium features.

Public Relations campaign:

Last but not least, entice people towards your application by using links with the blogging domain and journalists as well.

Now let’s speak about Monetizing your application.


Speaking of Instagram and its competitors, they gained the majority of the income from promoted posts where users can post stories, or the highly engaging carousel ads can be used as well.

In-App Purchases:

Last year, Instagram integrated the Checkout feature with itself. Likewise, in your Instagram app, you can incorporate a more or less similar function and gain commission for every order as well as for providing the same to stores.

 Premium features:

Some time back, Instagram implemented the Business account feature. It provides access to several new features to boost sales and customers. Your Instagram clone can feature a similar function like what Instagram did.

Branding/ Advertising: 

It deals with frequent targeted and contextual advertising of third-party oriented services.


The article will have provided you with insight on what to feature in your Instagram clone, along with what are the ways to attract users and build monetization.  If you wish, we at Instagramcloneapps can develop for you a cost-effective Instagram clone in a short period. We offer all types of amazing services, and we can get the job done at a price varying between 5000 and 20,000 dollars depending upon the complexity of your Instagram clone idea.

Our Instagram clone script has some fresh features like the ability to stream, cool video effects and payment services integration as well. We will also help you in adding new updates if you wish after your Instagram clone gets released.

Author Bio:-

Vinoth  is the co-founder of the leading Canadian technological company Instagramcloneapps. It specializes in the development of clone products for the food delivery, photo editing/ sharing and on-demand multi-service domains. The team at Instagramcloneappsunderstands how important it is for its client base to gain a strong foothold in the business market and it uses its vast knowledge to help every one of its clients to gain the edge in terms of competition.

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