Oil Change: An Important Aspect of Volkswagen Service

Oil Change: An Important Aspect of Volkswagen Service

When you notice the indicator light on your dashboard activated, you must not delay in taking your car for a Volkswagen service. Most of the VW models come with this feature which ensures time service and high performance of the vehicles.

However, each of the symbols will indicate different types of services required. You can come to know about the different schedules for VW maintenance by referring to different sources such as:

  • Your owner’s manual
  • The CAR-NET VW app or
  • Speaking to a technician at a Volkswagen service centre.

Timely service of your car is essential to prevent major issues down the road.

However, one of the most common services is changing the oil. Ideally, you should not wait for the service indicator light to flicker to alert you for an oil change. You should do it diligently on your own and for your own benefit. Ideally, you should change the oil as well as the oil filter on two occasions:

  • When it is three months old or
  • Your car has travelled 5,000 miles.

Since oil is the lifeblood of the car, it is the most important piece of regular Volkswagen service. It is for this reason you will have a sticker at the top left of the windshield indicating the next due apart from the indicator light on your car dashboard.

Take it to a pro

You must take your car to a professional and authorized Volkswagen service centre instead of doing it on your own if you do not have enough knowledge about it. It is also necessary to get your oil changed regularly by a pro if you find it to be a hassle due to your busy schedule at home or at your work.

Remember, putting such a service off may result in some severe and expensive consequences. It will:

  • Affect the engine
  • Reduce the overall vehicle performance and
  • Reduce the life of the car as well.

Another good reason to head for a Volkswagen service centre for oil change is when you do not remember when the last time you had such a change was. You can start keeping a fresh track of it or leave it for the pro entirely. You must also visit the dealership if you find:

  • The oil looks thick and dirty
  • The car is not performing as usual or
  • The car is making funny noises.

VW oil change service intervals may vary according to the model because every model has a slightly different need. The best way to know its needs is by referring to the user’s manual.

Reasons to change oil

If you do not change the oil or take your car for Volkswagen service regularly, it can cause major defects in the engine. Most of the times owners overlook this aspect while they should not because:

  • It lubricates the moving parts of the engine
  • It decreases the friction
  • It boosts efficiency and
  • It will minimize damage to the engine.

Be ready for costly repairs down the road when you leave the oil change for later. This is because the engine oil will start to break down due to the contamination by the dirt and debris. This means that it will not lubricate the engine and lead to more friction. This will increase heat and damage the engine.

volkswagen service

The motor oil, apart from lubricating the engine components, will also help in:

  • Reducing wear and tear
  • Removing engine sludge due to the dispersants
  • Keeping the engine clean with the detergents
  • Neutralizing acids formed from fuel
  • Improving piston ring seals and
  • Cooling the engine.

Therefore, whether you change it yourself or by a professional, never ever ignore this aspect of Volkswagen service.

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