Why Online Enquiry Management System is Most important?

Why Online Enquiry Management System is Most important?

Enquiry Management enables the buying process needs of any size of traders, sourcing agents, exporters, buying houses and any other form of business. In this system, all kinds of enquiries can be efficiently coordinated and updated without any hassles using enquiry management system.

  • Better Collaboration
  • Cloud Based Services
  • Reports
  • Time Management
  • Business Insights
  • Centralized Data Processing Solution

EMS is a software solution developed to overcome the issues that many businesses face in keeping track of the queries or leads that they receive. The main problem is in how to do these companies manage these enquiries in real-time.

EnqWin is a comprehensive SAAS designed and developed after a lot of research and analysis to overcome the common mistakes/issues of the Enquiry Management System that are available in the market. With EnqWin, capturing and managing existing leads is become simple and effective in today’s always on digital landscape.

EnqWin is the most graceful and systematic solution for your sales team to control the leads or enquiries. It makes it simpler to coordinate between team members, and helps you to track the status of all your deals with minimal effort. With EnqWin at your side, you can ensure your business success. You can register there, or through their mobile apps to keep track of your enquiries/leads whenever you are.

Many Firms which is of all shapes and sizes are guilty of not properly tracking and nurturing leads/enquiries/prospects. Every business today has to keep track of all leads and sales enquiries that are generated. They have many more countless sources from where different leads are generated. For many firms/ organizations it’s very difficult to manage all the leads and tracking of those leads and most importantly to know the conversion from the source of various sales leads.

A good Enquiry Management System saves a lot of time and efforts and also saves a lot of man hours for company. Just because a lead doesn’t turn into a live client immediately, this doesn’t mean it should be nourished.

Enquiry Management System includes:

Comprehensive Dashboard:

A comprehensive dashboard gives a total review of the entire status of different stages of enquiries. You will get basic statistics of conversion ratio, sales person performance, date wise analysis and campaign wise analysis

Multiuser Access:

The whole sales team has to work together and it’s very friendly to know how the team is implementing. As a head of the team you get a privileged access by which you can manage users, add or remove users and assign different leads to them. You can also configure auto assignment of enquiries to individual members.

Reminder System:

The Sales team has to follow up many times before the conversion happens and the prospective client asks you to call back on a specific day and time. In this system you can go ahead and set the reminders and the system will auto generate a to do list for those specific dates and remind you ate right time.

Document Tracking and Management:

The sales enquiry management system allows you to connect different documents with each enquiry and maintain versions as per your discussions. This feature helps to maintaining a proper communication channel with every prospective lead.

Data Migration:

From the online application you have various data migration capabilities. You can upload all your lead via XLS or CSV file to his application and also download the enquiries and push it to your Sap or any other application.

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