Ways To Reuse Your Packaging Boxes

Ways To Reuse Your Packaging Boxes

The biggest advantage of using a cardboard box is its reusability. These custom boxes can be converted into multiple shapes after their real purpose is fulfilled. As the surface of the cardboard is easy to handle and customize, they have become the most important part of packaging at homes. With a little touch of uniqueness and use of scissors with safety can result in an entirely different product than a box.


Garden furniture

Some big and sturdy cardboard boxes can be used to create something equally huge and strong. The source of finding these massive containers is the packing of large products. Washing machines, televisions, air conditioners, and other large electronics come in such boxes. Most companies send out their items in custom printed boxes. This can work in the benefit of the person creating something new out of them. With the right prints, a theme of furniture can be set. Long stripes look good on disposable chairs while polka prints are good for garden tables.



To decorate the inside of their house, many people use indoor plants. These plants can be planted in mud pots but they are heavy to be kept on glass surfaces. For this, the use of cardboard boxes is very common. They can be dressed up with a few add-on items like vine stickers or mosses. By putting holes at the bottom of the box, water drainage can be handled. It is important to make these cut-outs as the plants will start to die of the water is not dried out. Custom cardboard boxes that are printed with beautiful designs which can make beautiful flower hangers.


Cat houses

The furry members of a home need a place to sleep and nap in. cardboards have a special smell and texture that attracts the felines towards them. Keep the box upside down and cut the flaps on all the sides. Now use a paper tape to secure the flaps on the bottom of the box. Once this is done, cut a proper door on any of the walls. This will turn out to be the front of the house. Place a mat or blanket in the house to make a comfortable bed for the cat. Further decorations can also be made at will. Coloring the box, placing stickers or putting pictures are some of the decoration ideas for the house. By using printed cardboard boxes more beauty can be added to the house.


Home décor boxes

Even if a box is not used to store anything, it can be used as a decoration piece. It is possible that custom printed cardboard boxes do not fit the theme of the room. An option to customize them can be used here. There are many options in fabric, ribbons, wool, and fur that can be combined together to decorate a box. Start by covering the box with a piece of fabric. Once it is pasted, another different texture of the fabric can be pasted on top of it in a strip. Now take a cut out of the first fabric and make any abstract shape from it. A proper style of a butterfly, flower, bird, or animal can also be made out of it. Attach this to the strip on the box to complete the look.


Storage boxes

Printed cardboard boxes are a good package for turning them into a storage unit. They can be kept in the storerooms to stock items. Some people are very conscious about the way every corner of their home looks. To make sure that the storerooms are also kept neat, they can use well-printed boxes. They can also be a reminder of what type of things are kept in each box. Custom printed cardboard ammunition boxes also turn out to be great for storage. Their hard surface is good for storing fabrics. No mice or lizard can destroy the clothing items.


Supply container

The lack of availability of custom printed cardboard boxes can be taken as a drawback. Many box uses are highly dependent on such designs. A supply container is above these requirements. The simple surface of a box can be marked with chalk, sharpie, or a crayon to show what is stored in the box. School supplies can be kept in such boxes on the study tables. This can teach kids to be organized and also know where to look for extra study supplies. Cardboard boxes printed can also be used in this matter. The different patterns and designs on these boxes can be a source of attraction of kids.

packaging boxes

Toys for kids

Product packaging boxes are made out of plastic which makes them good for everyday use. By placing some wheels under these boxes, they can be turned into a homemade toy storage case. The big and strong base of the custom product packaging boxes turns out to be beneficial. Kids are not so subtle with their touch while using the toys. They like to throw stuff over and pull the box around while playing. In this case, a cardboard packaging will not work as fine as a PVC one.


Dinner circles

Many dining table items can be created with the help of product boxes packaging. The napkins on top of the table can be organized with the help of handmade dinner circles. They are small circular pieces of cardboard that can be created from used boxes. They should be wide enough to pass a napkin through them. Another item that can be made from cardboard is a coaster. They can be painted or a colored paper can be pasted on it to make it match the color combination of table covers. If someone wants to start a small business of these items, they can order product packaging boxes at wholesale rate from The custom boxes and turn them into lovely table accessories.


Meaningful tags

Boxes for product packaging can be turned into beautiful tags. By writing anything on top of them and cutting the tags in a square, rectangle or arrow shape can turn them into labels. These labels can be places in spices, food containers and other items for their easy identification.


These are only a few ideas that can be used later to as a guideline. Custom boxes of different styles can be held

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