Flexible packaging industry continues to grow, boosted by the rising demands for packaged food

Flexible packaging industry continues to grow, boosted by the rising demands for packaged food

The world of expanding markets and different brands excelling in the complex market structures has changed the packaging game. Today, flexible packaging is one of the most prominent aspects which helps in improving and establishing a brand image.

Flexible packaging plays a crucial role in the food, beverage and consumer products industries. With the increasing usage in processed and packaged food, more and more industries are moving towards flexible packaging. In this regard, firms like Bankey Bihari Packaging Private Limited, provide packaging solutions for manufacturing and exporting purposes. Flexible packaging offers a number of benefits such as low cost, high sealing ability, and cost-efficient transportation. There is no doubt that flexible packaging is on the rise as there is a focus on functionality, innovation, sustainability, and convenience.


Flexible packaging is all about different shapes and sizes. The packaging can vary from pouches, laminated bags, BOPP woven bags, zipper pouch, pinch bottom bags to flexible laminated roll and beyond. There are different requirements for different products and it becomes important to understand the expectations for each product in order to select suitable material. Bankey Bihari, packaging firm, provides recyclable, moisture-proof and UV ray protected packaging material. The use of barrier films is crucial for packaging in order to preserve the product and increase shelf life.


Innovation and creativity are all about creating a distinct brand image. It is crucial that the packaging is attractive, promotional, seasonal and highly targeted. The usage of graphics and material pleases the users and creates a positive image in the competitive market.


In this fast running world, we all are constantly looking for convenient options. When it comes to products, consumers look for convenience. They just want to move the packet in and out easily, reuse the packaging and sometimes prefer single-serve packaging as well. Therefore, the motive of the packaging firms is to provide top-notch packaging to the products which are easily acceptable by the consumers. Given the increasing demand for on-the-go snacks, Bankey Bihari has come up with zipper pouches to make snacking more convenient.


With the green movement on the go, consumers are now more aware of the environment. This change has pushed the brands to look for sustainable options. The focus is on the reduction of food wastage, carbon footprint and shipping damages which has impacted the flexible packaging world significantly.

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