Perfectionists in All They Do- GPFPL

Perfectionists in All They Do- GPFPL

GPFPL (Grasim Premium Fabric Private Limited) was earlier called SOKTAS India Private Limited and is an entity under the Aditya Birla Group, one of the world’s biggest business conglomerates. It is known for its premier cotton blend fabric and other blended fabric varieties. GPFPL is a leading market player for superior blended fabric and other fabrics and functions under the name of three brands, namely Excellence by SOKTAS, Giza House and SOKTAS. The company is a chosen supplier for multiple leading global and Indian menswear brands as well.

It has earned a reputation for its excellence in manufacturing cotton blend fabric while having a production procedure encompassing various stages. This makes up the very basis of the premier and high-end fabric lineup. The procedures include dyeing of yarn, finishing, weaving, winding and development of samples. The company also possesses a vast shade library along with ensuring faster turnarounds for newer shade development while also offering the latest technologies and fulfillment services for multiple order lengths alongside. There is completely automatic machinery available along with premier quality chemicals and dyes which ensure better fastness of color and consistency alike.

There are high quality packages for dyeing which have uniform density while there is also imported machinery with cutting-edge technologies alongside. Highly specialized machinery is used for creating designs that have diverse patterns and automatic drawings take care of designs of a more complex nature. There is the latest European machinery used with design capacity going up to 24 Shafts and the company is also the industry leader for designs with its monograms being unveiled for cotton shirting fabrics as well. It also offers the very latest Staubli Jacquards courtesy of its modern and highly exclusive weaves. There is top class finishing available for multiple value-added and fine finishes onto fabrics while you can also expect more sheen and brightness for fabrics courtesy of calendering. There are facilities tailored to ensure Airo finishing and multiple mechanical finishes likewise. There are time-tested finishing recipes along with ample customization for suitably meeting customer requirements.

Sample development is ensured through readily available fast running shade inventory along with warping machines for creating sample yardages of 10-100 meters. There are advance sampling looms along with processing and finishing of samples like bulk finishing. This helps in matching the end product suitably.

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