Plantation Shutters – Reasons to Install Them in Your Home

Plantation Shutters – Reasons to Install Them in Your Home

Why install plantation shutters?

Plantation shutters are widely used today as a nice aesthetic, enhancing the appearance of windows with a sleek and elegant style. They are designed to let light into a room while keeping the heat or cold outside. This is achieved by slat slats that can be opened or closed at will.

It is generally accepted that natural light is much better for the eyes than artificial or electric light. Plantation shutters allow natural light to enter your home while maintaining privacy, and are often used as a modern alternative to mosquito nets or blinds.

In the kitchen

Often referred to as the heart of the home, people place great importance on privacy in their kitchens. Plant shutters are a great solution to this need, as the slats can be tilted so they are not overlooked, without darkening the room. They will also provide excellent ventilation, which is especially helpful in a kitchen environment as it allows steam and cooking smoke to disperse.

In the living room

The adjustable natural lighting provided by plantation shutters is a wonderful feature in any living space. They allow the amount of light necessary for reading or watching television while providing privacy from the outside world. Planting shutters will also help moderate temperatures, allowing for a cool breeze or keeping the scorching sun out.

Cafeteria-style shutters are ideal for a ground-floor living space. Covering only the bottom of the window, they allow maximum light into the room and are a wonderful style in addition to your home.

In the Bedroom

Shutters are an excellent option for decorating bedroom windows; as they provide privacy, light control and sound reduction. The louver panels can be opened or closed depending on the time of day and your needs. For sleeping, the panels can be fully closed to provide near-blackout conditions. When dressing and putting on makeup, the louvers can be opened for excellent natural light.

Plantation shutters create a sleek, contemporary look in the bedroom and work with a wide range of colors and furniture styles.

In the home office or study

Plantation shutters are a popular choice for home office environments because of the versatility they bring to the room. They provide excellent light control as the sun moves through the day and allow you to make the most of daylight. Usually, some type of window covering is important in this room to help with home security. Shutters are a more modern alternative to mesh curtains and provide a clean, contemporary look.

The location of your office or home studio will most likely dictate which style of shutter you choose. A ground floor space will require full-length plantation shutters or a café style shutter, while a ground floor space will only require the café style. Keep an eye on how the house looks from the outside, as this is where the effect can be fully appreciated.

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