Popular Choices for a Career Change

Popular Choices for a Career Change

Whether you are in the midst of a mid-life crisis or you have left education to start your first job, the feeling of being in the wrong career or the wrong place can be overwhelming.

More and more people nowadays are realising that not only is the concept of a ‘job for life’ disappearing fast, the idea that you have to stay in the same job until you retire is also being consigned to the past.

Open up your world

If you are looking to completely change your career direction the choice is indeed extensive. There are a huge number of opportunities for re-training out there and these are open to anyone with the drive and ambition to succeed.

One of the most popular choices for a career change is undertaking driving instructor training as there are opportunities across the north-west of the UK for budding instructors. Driving instruction is something that appeals to people of all ages, experience and background who are looking for a job that will give them freedom and flexibility to set their own rules for how many hours a week they work. The chance to be their own boss and do something which brings a high level of job satisfaction is a strong motivator for making a change.

What else is there?

There’s no doubt that advances in the field of technology have opened up the jobs market with many jobs that can be done from home by anyone with a decent broadband connection. Some of the jobs which can be done freelance or for a company include things like social media manager, recruiter, research assistant or copywriter. Bookkeeping and accounts, as well as some data entry jobs, can be home or office-based. Website and software developers and designers are very much in increasing demand and the world of computer tech will always provide rich pickings for career changers.

Some people decide that working at a desk all day is not for them and so opt for a job which takes them out and about. As well as those new choices we mentioned earlier, you could choose employment in fields as diverse as debt collecting or couriering – either by van, car, motorcycle or bicycle. Other popular outdoor career changes involve landscape or market gardening, animal husbandry or conservation work. All of which involve some level of re-training or prior qualification, but training courses are pretty easy to find online or through your local authority portal.

Join the caring professions

How many of us grow up wanting to be a doctor, teacher, nurse or vet but somehow get distracted and end up doing a job we never wanted to do? The field of human care has many layers including elderly, hospital and dental care assistant jobs. It’s never too late to start again and train for what you always dreamed of doing and many people start off by volunteering in their chosen field before going on to full-time training and employment.

Turn a hobby into a vocation?

Arts and crafts never really go away and every so often they undergo a surge of interest. Workshops for the creative arts like sewing, painting, woodwork and metalwork can be found for those who are looking to develop their particular craft with a view to making money from it.

Before your change career

First of all, consider why you want to change tack. It could be because you are bored with doing the same thing day after day and want more variety and excitement (driving instructor training certainly fits the bill here!) Or it could be that your life and circumstances have changed. Before you embark on a new path be sure of what you really want to do then go for it!

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