Printer Problems: What They Are and How to Fix Them

Printer Problems: What They Are and How to Fix Them

After choosing the best laser multifunction printer for your office, you breathe a sigh of relief and you mention a smile of satisfaction. The printer is a fundamental tool in all companies. In fact, although the printing needs are reduced, you need to deal with them effectively.

Having the best multifunction laser printer at hand in the office to meet your needs is an excellent starting point for making workflows fast and efficient. Over time, however, for a thousand different reasons, problems with the printer may arise. As often happens, with technology it is not enough to get stuck, make eyes of fire, or beat your feet on the ground frowning.

To solve problems that may affect even the best wifi and laser multifunction printer in your office, you must first be prepared to recognize anomalies. Next, it is good to prepare an action plan to overcome the difficulties.

We list, therefore, the main drawbacks that concern printers and can create an unpleasant hitch in the working day. Together with the overview of the malfunctions, we also give some tips so as not to stay idle and get to the solution quickly.


  • Printer problems: what they are and how to fix them
  • Printer problems: which are the main ones
  • The printer is not responding. It does not print.
  • The printer does not print well.
  • After upgrading to Windows 10 the printer does not work.
  • Because renting office printers is an advantage.

Printer problems: which are the main ones

The overview of problems that can affect the office printer can be very large and full-bodied. However, there are some drawbacks that represent small and large classics of discord with technology.

The moods between printers and workers are typically these:

  • The printer is not responding;
  • The printer does not print;
  • Or the printer doesn’t really decide to print well;
  • Problems after updates.

Let’s see in detail how these dynamics of man vs. man relationship technology and what are the possibilities of intervention.

The printer is not responding. It does not print.

The printer is not responding. It’s not discourtesy, but something must have gone wrong. One or more conditions are missing for our best laser and wifi multifunction printer to give its best for the office.

The first maneuver to be implemented in these cases is very simple. More than a maneuver it is a simple control. In fact, before indulging in despair, it is a good idea to check the correct connection of the power cables. Never take anything for granted. Even with computer science one must keep in mind this assumption of popular wisdom.

A further check, which has to do with the cables that connect and sometimes get tangled, concerns the connection between computer and printer. A suitable USB cable must be correctly positioned in order to connect the two devices.

If these first two checks do not allow us to identify deficiencies, we can move on to a serious counterattack. From the screen of your computer you need to open the “printer properties” tab. Through this window you can make sure that the correct printer from which you want to print is selected.

Check that the correct size paper is inserted in the printer drawer.

Another way to get out of trouble is to free the print queue. If it is the one that determines the hitch, you will have solved the printer problem.

If all the circumstances seem to be adverse, the good IT rules suggest to turn off everything, printer, printer management software and possibly also the computer. Then turn on again, with so much hope.

The printer does not print well

If the problem is not the total silence of the printer, but its persistent hoarseness, the hot potato requires different methods of intervention. When the printer does not print well, blurry prints may result, or printed documents may be damaged by horizontal streaks of ink.

In this case it may be necessary to clean the nozzles of the print heads , if you have an inkjet printer.

In the case of the best laser multifunction printer, it is possible that there is a drum malfunction that causes problems in printing, with the production of poor quality documents and images. This is a failure that occurs frequently in widely used machines, such as those in offices.

When the drum is defective, it becomes necessary to replace it. The dust that has settled on the toner must also be carefully removed.

After upgrading to Windows 10 the printer does not work

Well yes, after the long-awaited update to Windows 10, the printer does not work. Don’t panic. Also for this eventuality it is possible to intervene with a good hope of success.

The first step to be done to get around the obstacle is a check. In fact, the printer may be in an unspecified state. This is an event that blocks its operation.

If the best laser and wifi multifunction printer in the office is in an unspecified state, it is necessary to intervene, because obviously the operating system does not see our machine.

So what to do if Windows 10 does not see the network printer ?

  • Let’s retrace our steps for a moment and check that the printer is actually turned on and connected to the computer correctly. So far everything is easy. If some cases were unfortunately disconnected, by restoring the connection, you could have solved it with little effort. If all cables are in the right position, connected as they should, another operation is required.
  • You must now uninstall and reinstall the printer . It is a nice step of the shrimp and a subsequent leap forward to return to print correctly. From the Start button, choose Settings > Devices > Printers and Scanners . In this last section, Printers and Scanners, you need to find and select the printer. The command to be sent is ” Remove device “.
  • How do I reinstall the printer after removing it? From the Start button, follow the path: Settings> Devices> Printers and scanners. From the latter section, Printers and Scanners, select “Add a printer or scanner”. The computer should then search for the device. When you find it, you can select the printer and click on “Add device”.

If the best laser and wifi multifunction printer chosen for the office is properly connected to power and the network, Windows 10 should not encounter obstacles in finding it. All types of printers can be easily installed, including wireless and Bluetooth, or connected to another computer and shared through the network.

office printer problems

Because renting office printer is an advantage

The list of potential printer problems can be discouraging. Frequent use of any tool inevitably leads to breakdowns, malfunctions and the need to replace printer parts, such as the drum.

In this perspective, the rental of office printers becomes economic. In fact, the rental of the multifunction printer in copy cost proposed by UAE Technician, that is the full service rental, allows you to pay a monthly fee proportional to the number of pages that have actually been printed. The fee includes consumables (toner and paper), spare parts and remote or on-site technical assistance.

Whenever there is a problem with the printer, simply contact the UAE Technician reference technician. Depending on the needs, the assistance intervention is provided remotely or the specialist goes to the customer’s premises within eight working hours of the request.

For the company, therefore, the rental of the multifunction printer at copy cost represents an opportunity for savings and at the same time a possibility of considerable simplification of the management of the IT infrastructure.

UAE Technician: Rental of multifunction printers in Dubai, throughout Lombardy, and in part of Veneto and Piedmont

UAE Technician is a company in the province of Dubai specialized in the rental of multifunction printers for the office. It offers its services in the territory of Dubai. Together with the rental, UAE Technician also offers a technical assistance service that guarantees total peace of mind regarding the efficiency of its IT infrastructure.

With the full service rental offered by UAE Technician, the management of printing devices becomes extremely simple. The rental contract for the multifunction printer in copy cost allows you to pay only for the number of pages actually printed. The fee includes consumables, spare parts and technical assistance.

In this way it is possible to bear a cost proportional to the actually added value brought by the multifunction printers used in your office. At the same time, there is the guarantee of timely technical assistance included in the rental price of the multifunction printer in copy cost. In fact, the technicians of UAE Technician can intervene immediately remotely or go to the customer’s site within eight working hours following the moment of the request.

UAE Technician specialists periodically follow refresher courses to keep up with the new market demands and new technology innovations.

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