Benefits of Product Customization Using Apparel Design Software

Benefits of Product Customization Using Apparel Design Software

As per the recent study published shows that the apparel and footwear in the USA is 358 billion dollar monster and it is growing at an annual rate of 3 percent and is expected to cross 5% growth rate by 2025. It is never going to be easy for any business to get a market share; however, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to take a big piece of the pie. You can achieve this with unique strategies specially designed for your business.

Clothing Design Software

One such approach that perhaps will help you to expand your business is providing customers with customization option to personalize their product. This satisfies customers’ requirements with their personalized touch and builds their trust in your brand.

Two decades ago, clothing, footwear and other fashion accessories used to be tailor-made, which changes over the years with the industrial revolution and bulk production. But now in the past few years, we have seen the opposite side of mass production, personalization is making a comeback. According to the State of Fashion 2018 report, customization is set to be one of the major trends in 2019, taking shape in different means from personalized products, to communications and to curated recommendations.

With the growth of ecommerce and the growing popularity of on-demand services, shoppers are moving away from store-bought products and adoring the search for unique products. This change in the market allows online retailers and enterprises to manufacture niche items for niche customers.

Do you want to risk losing sales because of missing out on the current trends? We didn’t think so. Here are some reasons why you should integrate online fashion designing software to your existing website and try to sell personalized/customized items via your website or ecommerce store.

Build Loyal Customer Base:

Though research suggests that users are more interested in purchasing a personalized item, many online retailers are neglecting the fact and not cashing the opportunity. Very few big brands/manufacturers and a very small percentage of retailers are offering customization option on their website or online store. By offering customization of products available in your store, you could easily stay ahead of the competition in the industry. If we consider the reports available online, it shows that end-users are more excited and engaged with an online store offering product customization. You can also build a loyal customer base for your business by integrating fashion designing software to your current web-store.

Wholesale Orders:

Customized apparel and accessories is an ultimate gift option, but generally many users try to purchase on behalf of a group of friends or to show support for their favorite team, movie or any trending movements. Online retailers can cash this opportunity to increase their revenue by improving profit margins on wholesale orders and create more brand awareness for their organization.

Understand Your Customers Better:

With clothes design software, you can facilitate your customers to design their own product and this gives you a chance to understand your customers better. If you know your customers, you will be in a better position to serve your user in the best possible way. Allowing customer to create and decide on item’s features is like getting money for knowing your own clients.

Merchandising Opportunity:

Increasing use of social media is one of the crucial reasons behind the growing demand for personalized products. Everyone seeks for ways to support or show their love for their favorite movie star, business gurus, music A-lister and sports idol. The ever-growing digital era and frenzy social media allow individuals to connect with their idols; it’s obvious that people don’t mind paying the extra bucks to show their love by purchasing customized clothing, shoes or other accessories T-shirt with their favorite star on them. If you want to stay competitive, you can incorporate plug-and-play Fashion Design Software with your website and offer the customization services to your customers. Moreover, being a retailer or online seller, you promote your business and can win an opportunity of partnership to sell authorized products and get traffic from their social media platforms.

Upsell Existing Products:

In the ecommerce business, selling products to an existing user is much easier than to a new customer. The same phenomenon applies to the upselling process as well. As an online seller, you have the opportunity to earn extra bucks from users by facilitating them to customize their products. A research done by Bain & Co suggests that users are willing to pay 20% more than the normal price for personalized items than mass-produced products.

Better Conversion Rate:

Facilitating your customers to design their own product according to their style and fashion sense by giving options to select color, material and other elements, it obviously leads the customers to come again and again on your web-store and purchase from you. You can integrate apparel design softwarethat will enable your customers to design according to their needs and facilitate you to restrict customers from selecting unachievable combinations. This reduces the processes in the sales cycle and increases the conversion rates. This also helps to reduce the cart abandon percentage.

It is always better to take a break from the race of the market share and focus on delivering the best to your customers. It will automatically help you to grow your business. It is a better practice to invest in smarter and more demanding ideas with the potential to bring changes in the business. Select the best suitable clothing design software for your business and integrate it to your existing website to explore all the above-mentioned benefits for your business.

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