Production Process Of Investment Casting Foundry

Production Process Of Investment Casting Foundry

Investment casting manufacturing is one of the most profitable manufacturing processes in this day and age. Investment casting foundry India claims that the manufacturing of steel for several uses in almost all aspect of life is one of the oldest metal working processes in the world.

This manufacturing process has not changed at all for over a hundred years and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace.

This process of metal working dates back to five thousand years ago. It was used to produce bronze and copper for pots, vessels, weapons and tools, gold jewelry and statues for decoration and personal use. This process was created by ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt along with the Han Dynasty of China and the Aztecs.

There were several processes involved in the investment casting, such as:

  • The lost wax casting was done with the use of bees wax for making a particular pattern while it was in liquid form.
  • The wax was allowed to harden over time, away from the sun to get the best shape for the final casting.
  • After the wax was hardened it was dipped in molten metal to have the final shape.

The earliest process recorded goes back to 1100 AD which speaks of a sculptor named Benvenuto Cellini molding a statue after the Greek Hero Perseus holding the head of Medusa.

Despite the process being old, it requires high tech advanced metal forming techniques that are bound to produce a higher quality and quality of steel and stainless steel parts. Investment casting is a one on one process that creates one wax per metal part.

Because it is flexible and ever changing there it can develop a lot of complexities that need to be solved in order for it to run smoothly. With the correct casting methods however a large amount of metal works can be produced in a short time.

In this day and age with technological evolution, we have managed to create superior machines that make the process of aluminum investment casting easier, reliable and really effective with features such as quality control equipment, computerized processes, waxes, and refractory materials.

Modern day steel casting is used for several benefits, such as the fast and reliable creation of metal parts and metal components that cannot be produced with the use of the normal manufacturing processes.

A good example of using this type of casting is the creation of planes that carry several passengers but need to be as lightweight as possible. These large stainless steel parts cannot be processed by regular methods and therefore investment casting is highly preferred for its precision and easy execution of the metal working process.

Apart from this, metal investment casting can be used to manufacture components such as sand casting, forgings and welded fabrication castings. Investment casting is popular because it is known to reduce the cost while improving the quality.

Investment casting foundry India and other companies rely on investment casting techniques for creation of items such as turbine blades, airplane parts and even aerospace parts. It is clear that this casting technique is indispensable in the steel industry.

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