Property Law in India Gives the Owners of Intellectual Property a Recognition

Property Law in India Gives the Owners of Intellectual Property a Recognition

Man is the best thing in the world making use of the biological and physical resources available in the open, the earth. Fortunately, man is the most intelligent animal bestowed with creativity and imagination.  This became the reason to produce various products to suit his convenience and comfort.

Initially created inventions became common properties. It was for the public domain that anyone could copy and use these inventions and creations. There was no limitation, payment or reservation. With time, the value of such creations came to be addressed. Thus, the commercial aspect is playing a vital role. Things created after the twentieth century came to be addressed as Intellectual property. This was bound by Intellectual property rights and laws. It offered the owners protection under the names as Patents, Copyrights, Industrial designs, Trade-Marks, etc.

Why Intellectual Property Rights?

The property law in India recognized the rights of intellectual property and it was accepted worldwide owing to key reasons such as:

  • To provide recognition to the inventors and creators.
  • To provide an incentive for new creations to the owners.
  • Ensure genuine product availability.
  • Ensure intellectual property rewards.

Intellectual Property Rights Kinds

The intellectual property kinds offer rights to the common man with each invention, creation, discovery, and production using his mind. It can be anything a house design, the material used, furnishings such as a fridge, sofa, carpet, telephone, television, photographs, paintings, wall clock, and other daily use articles such as books, pens, tissue papers, newspapers, shoes, etc, conveyance items such as cars, cycles, bikes, clothes such as jeans, trousers, shirts, ties, etc, an endless list.

Thus, all the things surrounding a common man belong to him and are intellectual properties. This is because someone has spent money, time, and energy to create them after inventing. These are referred to as the intellectual property of a person and are protected by the property law in India.

 The intellectual properties are in two categories:

  • Industrial property items
  • Related rights and Copyright items

The industrial items that are your properties include trademarks, your inventions, geographic indicators, and industrial designs. The related rights and copyrights of these items comprise the literary works such as novels, newspaper items, storybooks, articles, poetry books, etc.

On the other hand, the industrial property items are new inventions and follow a defined process offering a solution. These inventions are safeguarded by the Patents and registered. A Patent is given for 20 years from the patent date of application filing and after this invention date period, it is regarded as a public property. It is available for commercial exploitation.

Trade-mark laws are one such product that is used in everyday life. It can be patented. The trademark safeguards the rights of the owner. The trademark may present a combination of letters, words, images, drawings, numbers, sounds, and symbols. The quality and reputation have a strong connection with trade-marks. It is registered for 7 years and can be re-applied many more times by paying a fee.

A small or a big product, having knowledge relating the intellectual property right is required for a common man.

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