Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Keeps Lab Equipment Free of Germs

Pulse Vacuum Sterilizer Keeps Lab Equipment Free of Germs

Steam sterilizers are extremely popular in many medical uses because of their high degree of effectiveness. Pulse Vacuum Steam Sterilizer is one of the popular devices which are in use by dentistry departments, ophthalmology departments, and also by operating rooms in almost all small to large size hospitals and in many independent clinics. These devices can be used to sterilize catheters, operating equipment, both A and B class cavity equipment and also different tools and instruments used by dentists. Most modern pulse vacuum sterilizer equipment also comes with ability to dry using the vacuum generator which reduces their turnaround times.

pulse vacuum sterilizer

Common features of these steam sterilizers:

These devices are manufactured with Dual HMI with advanced PLC. They use rust proof steam generators which are made of 304 grade stainless steel. Since these devices easily meet and exceed GMP sterilization specifications, they can be used in medical purposes with absolute confidence. These devices run on 440V three phase electricity supply which is very easily available in most places. The doors come with a special vacuum locking system and leak proof silicone gaskets to ensure proper vacuum seals. These devices are made in a capacity range of 250 to 5000 litres.

Steam sterilizers come with motorized doors that can slide to open automatically. The on board computer can be set to sterilize clothes, lab equipment made of glass. IM vacuum test and helix test can also be conducted. Further device programming can be done as per the items that need to be sterilized. For convenience, the machine also has an in-built thermal printer which can print batch numbers, P1, P2, T1, T2 and many other relevant pieces of information.

How are these steam sterilizers made:

The most effective pulse sterilizer is made of 304 grade stainless steel, commonly with a chamber that has mirror finish. The inner chamber of this device is made to withstand pressures up to 50 Psi and temperature of up to 140 degrees. Modern pulse vacuum sterilizer is commonly designed with an inbuilt steam boiler which will be sized according to the overall unit. Vacuum pumps are installed for multiple uses including pre vacuum, post vacuum, steam exhaust and door closing. Further, all of the internal piping and ducting of the device is made of stainless steel to ensure long life.

Safety features of steam sterilizers:

Considering the size and complexity of these sterilizers, they are made with specialized safety features. Emergency on/off switch is made and placed prominently to stop the machine in case of any problem.  All steam is vented from the system immediately if the emergency button is pressed. Front line security feature is double door interlocking. Moreover, these doors have a lock that can be operated manually, and a door key is provided with the device. Sensor based safety systems include overtemperature protection, low water cut off, over pressure cut off and vacuum breaker.

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