Due to the quality and safety of Packaging items in Corrugated Boxes

Due to the quality and safety of Packaging items in Corrugated Boxes

Packaging items in Corrugated Boxes

The packaging industry is well informed with the word of corrugation or corrugated boxes. From this, we can estimate the importance of corrugated boxes in the packaging of items. These boxes are widely used for retail packaging, retail displaying, shipping products, and many more packaging solutions. All products that need to be packed in lightweight but durable material can go with these boxes. Corrugated boxes are used in both primary packaging and secondary packaging of items or goods. The demand for corrugated boxes is higher in secondary packaging. Primary packaging is the pack of products that serve the end-user.

Quality and safety of Packaging

For example a box of macarons, that’s going to be opened by the end-user only. This packaging basic purpose of this packaging is not to pack the item. It is mostly used for transporting and shipping all the items together. This packaging is mostly removed before it reaches the end-user.

For example, snacks need more protection and corrugated material is mostly used for secondary packaging of custom snack boxes. Corrugated material that used to manufacture boxes, is consists of a liner board and heavy paper medium. Linerboard is a flat external surface that sticks to hold the medium. There is a wavy, fluted paper in between liners as a medium. This is all made up of heavy paper known as containerboard. These medium and liner board defines the strength of the corrugated board. The thickness can be increased and decreased by adding more layers of liners and medium.

These are the points

  • Single face: the corrugated medium sheet is glued to the smooth sheet of the liner. Flutes can easily be seen. This board is mostly used in protection with a cushioning effect to wrapping things safely.
  • Single wall: one sheet of the corrugated medium has adhered between two sheets of liner boards. This kind of corrugated box is widely used from retail to display and for shipping. This is ideal to give protection and can be customized to give style.
  • Double-wall: two sheets of corrugated mediums are stick between three sheets of liner boards. This is widely used for heavy products that required extra protection and strength.
  • Triple wall: four sheets of liner boards are used with three sheets of the corrugated medium in these. These are the strongest form of corrugated material.

Explanation of flutes:

These flutes play an important role to provide strength and protection to products from temperature changes. It is a basic source of insulation that keeps the product safe from climate changes.

There are five types of flutes that commonly in use:

  1. A-flute: this is the most original design of the flute. Approximately 36flutes per foot are used in double wall corrugation.
  2. B-flute: canned goods can be packed with this type of flute. It contains 49 flutes per foot. It is widely used in the packaging of display products that need extra strength. It’s the ideal material to use for inserts in boxes that keep products in right place.
  3. C-flute: widely and most common type of flute in the packaging industry. It protects with cushioning and extra strength to the product. The printing results with this type of corrugation are incredible.
  4. E-flute: it’s the second-highest flute used in the packaging industry. Green packaging is more in trend now with the high demand for e-flute.
  5. F-flute: these are the small and constricted flutes and one foot contains 128 flutes.

Benefits of corrugated boxes

Several advantages can be avail by using corrugated boxes. Detail of some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Protection of packaging items

Corrugated boxes are best in protected items from damages. The layers of corrugated boxes are the best in providing more strength to boxes. As described above, each type of flute has its function. The structure of corrugated boxes can bear the jerks or external pressure by keeping the product safe. For shipping purposes, most of the companies used this material at their preference.

  • Lightweight and sustainable

These boxes are lightweight and sustainable. The durability of these boxes and materials make it more effective to pack transporting goods.

  • Moisture resistant

This is the most unique property of this material. Corrugated boxes are good in preventing the products from temperature changes. They are temperature resistant, can easily bear the heat by keeping the product safe inside.

  • High-quality custom printing

This material has always come with outstanding results of printing. You can choose any size and shape for custom boxes. There is a wide variety available to choose from. Adding customization as per your requirement in these boxes is not a problem now. Design boxes with brand logo and information with this material are the best presentation of the product.

  • Nature friendly

As the world is becoming more responsible towards the environment, these boxes help to save the environment. Corrugated boxes are reusable with their nature-friendly nature.

  • Cost-effective

To make a budget-friendly packaging, designers can help you design corrugated boxes in less time. Minimum packaging cost can give you high profits with boosting sales.

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