Ready Mix Concrete Pump Feature Considerations

Ready Mix Concrete Pump Feature Considerations

Concrete pumps and concrete mixers both are essential machines for each and every construction business. Virtually all construction projects require huge volumes of concrete together with labor costs increasing, businesses must automate just as much in the mixing and pouring processes as you can. A concrete mixer pump not simply saves businesses cash on labor costs but also increases productivity. Should you be looking to purchase a fresh concrete pumping machine, here are one of the features you need to keep in mind:

• Maximum Theoretical Delivery Distance

You should determine how far you have to be in a position to pump concrete for your large construction projects. The most theoretical delivery distance of several concrete pumps will probably be listed regarding vertical and horizontal distances. The vertical delivery distance of virtually all models ranges from around 20 meters to 180 meters. Meanwhile, the horizontal delivery distance ranges from around 75 meters to 750 meters. You wish to be sure you purchase a machine that will increase productivity on all of your upcoming construction projects. For example, if you are considering handling high-rise construction, you will likely need a ready mix concrete pump with high vertical conveying capabilities.

• Pipe Diameter

Most concrete pumps have two outlets. Pipes with larger diameters can deliver higher volumes on concrete in a smooth rate. However, large diameter pipes are often very heavy and hard to maneuver around a construction site, therefore if your company handles projects which need plenty of precision concrete pouring work, pipes with smaller diameters could be a more sensible choice. For most firms, pipes using a 100mm diameter are perfect.

• Delivery Cylinder

You can find numerous delivery cylinder sizes and if you are looking to get a concrete pump with mixer, the actual size of said cylinder is vital. You should determine the size of the delivery cylinder you will need based on the time period of your construction work and make sure it’s balanced. Samples of common sizes include 180 x 800mm and 140 x 180 mm.

• The Discharge Capacity

The discharge capacity of any concrete pump mixer is another specification you must consider when deciding which machine to buy. The discharge capacity will govern just how much concrete might be delivered inside a session. A concrete mixer pump using a 300-liter discharge capacity is required for small-scale projects.

Take into account that manufacturers sell both portable and stationary concrete mixer pumps and prepared mix concrete pumps. While stationary pumps are typically cheaper, they’re not good for firms that handle plenty of short duration construction jobs across different locations. A mobile concrete mixer pump provides businesses with considerably more flexibility.

Unfortunately, the normal price of a ready mix concrete pump can be tough to find out as there are so many different variables to take into account and most construction firms choose to hire as an alternative to purchase lots of their concrete mixing and pumping machinery. To make sure you don’t get charged over the odds, it might be better to obtain quotes from at least three different suppliers.

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