Reap The Benefits of Comfort With Drew Shoes

Reap The Benefits of Comfort With Drew Shoes

It’s unfortunate when a pair of dress shoes just doesn’t offer you the utmost in comfort-enhancing features. Sure, there are lots of names out there that provide truly quality shoes that will support you day in and day out, mile after mile, but often times though these shoes offer premium quality which bleeds into durability, sometimes they are better at supporting themselves than they are at supporting you. It would be nice if you could give yourself a break every once in a while with a pair of shoes that didn’t compromise on quality while still providing you with an uncustomarily high degree of support and comfort.

Spoiler – you can, and it’s as easy as visiting and checking out their selection of Drew Shoes. Drew Shoes basically set the standard for orthopedic comfort footwear, and even the simplest, standard pair of Drew Shoes will offer the user a suite of features to make their wear significantly more comfortable and more supportive. As a bonus, Drew Shoes are some of the nicest looking shoes on the market, so you can take a break from the discomfort of other dress shoes without having to take a hit on looking nice.

Take a look at Drew Shoe’s Men’s Essex Black Leather Dress Shoes. At first sight, this just appears to be a pair of slip-on dress shoes with no indication that it offers enhanced features for comfort and support. They just look like classy, polished black laceless dress shoes. But don’t be fooled by their sharp appearance. These shoes feature a removable footbed with superior arch support and a shock-absorbing PU outsole that come together to give you a pair of shoes with extraordinary support, comfort, and shock resistance. That’s not to mention the fact that they’d go very nicely with a pair of black or gray slacks. No one would ever be the wiser.

Drew’s Men’s Park in Black Leather bring you a similar suite of benefits. These shoes offer the same shock-absorbing outsole and polyurethane footbed as the former, but they also boast an extended medial heel stabilizer, a padded tongue and collar as well as a tempered steel shank in the sole. That all equals a shoe that is extremely stable, supportive, and comfortable. It also gives the shoes an uncommon degree of wear resistance and durability. Any time you hear “steel shank” you should also be thinking uncustomary longevity built right in. just as with the former shoes, these shoes are right at home as the foundation for a suit or for business semi-casual wear.

Of course, Drew Shoes aren’t just dress shoes – that’s just one of their more salient benefits. There are times when you want that level of comfort and support but aren’t going to wear your nice leather dress shoes to the gym or on the trail, or even just in the yard. Well, the good news is that Drew Shoe makes sneakers and hiking shoes to round out their inventory of offerings. If you crave that same level of orthopedic comfort and support in your sneakers and other shoes as you want in your dress shoes, take a look at the other Drew Shoes offered by They’ve got the shoes you need for the office, home and outdoors waiting for you in one convenient place. Best of all, you’ll never have to pay a cent in tax or for shipping when you shop for your Drew Shoes at Sherman Brothers. It’s just one component of their stellar customer service. To get some suggestions or with a little help finding the pair of shoes that’s just right for you, call one of their representatives at 1-877-337-4637 and they’d be glad to help you out.

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