Reasons for Seeing Less “Popping” Atomizer Problems

Reasons for Seeing Less “Popping” Atomizer Problems

The majority of those who have been vaping for a while know firsthand what it’s like to wind up with a popping atomizer. A popping atomizer describes an atomizer that makes a popping or crackling sound when you take a pull of vapor, and is often accompanied by spitting, and sometimes flooding of the coil. It is an unpleasant encounter, as it is the antithesis of smooth and flavorful vapes.

However, most vapers will tell you that popping atomizers have become less and less prevalent nowadays. This is the direct outcome of more advanced technology from the vaping world. That’s one of the purposes why you will start to see popping atomizers becoming, thankfully.

“Popping” Atomizers: Why They Happen

Well, it can be Brought on by several things:

  • A flooded coil is a coil that’s flooded with e-liquid, which means that it is taking on more e-liquid than the wick can absorb at any given time. This can happen because of numerous reasons such as simply using the wrong coil for your output or so the coil is dying.
  • Vaping at a wattage that’s too low, prevents the coil from absorbing the proper amount of vape juice.
  • Cheaply made tank or coil. 
  • Abnormal airflow. Ancient tank models were famous for having poor airflow which interfered with the performance of the coil, thus making the annoying popping far more common.

What’s this Issue Becoming Obsolete?

A whole lot of the causes for popping up atomizers come from problems relating to the way the coil or tank is created, or both.

For one thing, the sooner atomizer models didn’t take into statement the vapers would personalize so many facets of their vapes by trying out various vape coils, e-liquid formulas, wattage levels, and so forth. And so, they were not made to examine such a wide assortment of alterations.

Another matter is simply that before atomizer and coil designs were crude, businesses simply didn’t understand as much as they can do now about things like airflow, wicking along with other aspects that play a major part in how well our atomizers could handle our requirements.

Now, however, the vaping industry is incredibly advanced, and so companies have developed all sorts of strategies to handle this once-common matter.

Below are the principal advancements in vaping technology that is gradually making atomizer pops outdated.

Tanks Use Better Airflow

The airflow is important because it’s an excellent deal to do with how much e-juice enters the wick of this coil. An excessive amount of airflow and your coil is almost sure to flood, and this will inevitably make the atomizer soda up. The fantastic thing is that now’s tanks tend to be somewhat more sophisticated when it comes to airflow, as producers figured out that this can be a big issue and have developed a more technologically sound method to fix it.

Wicking Material of the Coil Matters

The wicking material of the coil plays a major part in whether or not an atomizer will pop because if the wick gets readily oversaturated as a result of poor absorbency, the coil will almost definitely flood. Nowadays, companies utilize higher-end substances for wicks, such as tea fiber cotton, and other natural materials that absorb e-liquid evenly and efficiently.

Tanks are Made Better in General

Now’s tanks are simply constructed in a better method overall, meaning they are less likely to provide you an unpleasant vaping experience. They’re made from better materials and permit air to flow more consistently.

The tightness of the Wire Makes a Difference

One commonly disregarded factor is how tight the cord of the coil is. Loosely twisted wires let too much air and liquid to flow through the coil. Companies now make sure that the wires are closely wound to encourage a better functioning coil all around.

Using a Wide Drip Tips Help

Wider trickle tips are good for checking to pop up, as they improve airflow and protect against flooding of the coil.

Mesh is a Gamechanger

You have probably noticed that most sub-ohm coils are created with mesh material, which helps strengthen the surface heating area so that the coil is not as prone to flooding, and so that every hit is normally more enjoyable in terms of flavor, evenness, and vapor generation.

No more Popping Attys to Disrupt Your Vape Sessions

As you can see, there have been many improvements in vaping technology over the years which have largely corrected the issue of popping atomizers. This means that the newer your vaping system, the not as likely you are to encounter this once-common issue.

These days, if your atty is popping, it is more likely to be on account of some dying coil or priming your coil before using it to vape. By keeping your setup as efficiently as you can, you can avoid this kind of issue from ruining your overall vaping experience.

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