Reasons Why You Should Recycle Copper

Reasons Why You Should Recycle Copper

From the wires that run within the walls to the pipes that surround it, copper is in use all over your home. The uses of copper have diversified and spread to so many areas in the lives of people that it is almost impossible to find a substitute for it. It does not cost as much as gold and silver do but one can easily conclude that copper is the most practically valuable metal that exists. It lets you complete so many jobs while you do not even realize it. Apart from being helpful everywhere, copper recycling is what makes it more valuable than any other metal commonly in use.

Quick Copper Facts

Copper is a highly ductile metal and this property makes it available for use in different ways that man has discovered already and maybe more than he is yet to. Since the first time that copper came into use in 8000 B.C., it has played a large part in making lives easier. Most of the technological developments that you see around are possible because of copper and its properties of conducting heat and electricity. Many appliances that are in daily use are made of copper. However, these items are prone to wear and tears and they get damaged. Once that happens copper recycling comes into play.

The best thing about copper is that it is completely recyclable. Not many metals can boast of such a flexible application as it can. Even after it passes through the processing at recycling plants, copper does not lose its value. That is why scrapyards value it much higher than other metals. Everyone can play his or her part in copper recycling. There are good reasons to do that. There are far-reaching economic and environmental effects of doing so in the proper way and some of them are explained below.

Reducing Landfill Costs

All kinds of waste, recyclable or not, that does not reach the recycling yards and generally go to the landfills. Landfills are places where waste materials are buried in a large pit in the ground. Metal objects take a long time to decay and that renders one spot of land unusable for waste decomposing for many years. As the supply of land is limited, this process causes the cost of landfills to increase. There are now regulations that only allow a certain extent of waste that can go into the landfills.

If you take your copper waste to recycling plants instead of throwing them away, you can save landfill costs. Obviously, it would take a more than one person to achieve that, but more people are educated about the uses of copper recycling, further the things can change for the betterment.

copper recycling

copper recycling

Saving Energy and Cheaper Copper

Copper recycling is much cheaper than to mine and extract it. Recycled copper is worth 90% of its original cost. If copper gets recycled on a regular basis, it reduces the price of copper in the market and copper products get cheaper. The energy required in the mining and refining copper is saved, as well. That would result in the lesser use of fossil fuels and the overall impact on the environment is for the better. This cycle is beneficial for everyone.

Copper recycling brings immediate benefits for you. When you sell your scrap metals at your local junkyard, you get the highest price for the copper materials that you have. This could easily be the easiest way to earn quick cash just by keeping in mind that copper is important. Instead of throwing your copper appliances and products that you do not use, take them for recycling and reap its rewards.

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