How to Recover Data from Hard Disk Drive with Failed PCB?

How to Recover Data from Hard Disk Drive with Failed PCB?

Printed Circuit Board or PCB is one of the most important elements of a hard disk drive. PCB controls and manages the decoding, encoding, reading and writing of data on the hard disk drive. Depending on the design and layout, a hard disk drive can have a single-board, multiple PCBs, split PCBs or bottom mounted PCBs. Each kind of PCB is uniquely designed to manage the encoding and decoding of the data on hard drive.

Sometimes, the PCB gets damaged or failed, leading to hard drive failure. This would result in accessibility of data present on the hard drive. In case of PCB failure, it is highly advised not to try repairing it on your own. In such a case, immediately seek the help of professional hard drive recovery services provider to recover data from hard disk drive.

How do I know that the hard drive PCB is failed?

There are several symptoms that can help you identify a failed PCB in the hard drive. Some common ones are mentioned below:

● The hard disk drive becomes unresponsive while doing simple tasks like copy and paste.
● A smoky or burning smell coming out of the system.
● The hard disk drive is overheated.
● The system displaying messages reporting the status of hard disk drive to be incorrect.
● The system could ask the user to format the hard disk drive regularly.
● The hard disk drive becomes slow in response and the files and folders could take a lot of time to open.
●Strange and unusual errors popping up on the screen.

What are the Reasons of PCB Failure?

Component Design Failure

Due to inappropriate placement of elements, there are chances of power failure or overheating as there might not be enough space between these elements of the PCB. It includes soldering, chemical discharge and other factors.

Substandard Components

Poor quality PCBs may have closely placed elements, cold soldering, bad connectivity throughout the circuit board, thinner material, usage of defective material, and much more.

Improper Handling

Hard drive is a fragile element and In case of improper handling, the hard drive could be exposed to heat, moisture, dust, power surges or an accident, which leads to PCB failure.

How to recover data from a hard disk drive with failed PCB?

Firstly, do not try to fix the PCB or recover data from such hard disk drive at home. You should reach out to an experienced data recovery service provider such as Stellar Data Recovery India. At Stellar, the experienced technicians first thoroughly analyze the affected hard disk drive and then use appropriate methods to recover data from it.

Why Stellar Data Recovery Services?

Stellar performs proper analysis and conduct tests on the hard disk drive to identify the defect and then decide the ideal process for data recovery.

Here are a few tests conducted by Stellar:

Micro Section Analysis: This analysis is used to investigate the following faults:

● Thermo-mechanical failures
● Component defects
● Opens or shorts
● Processing failures due to solder reflow
● Raw material evaluations

Solderability Testing

Soldering makes the connection in the PCB strong. This test helps the expert understands the various faults in the PCB:

● PCB coating evaluation
● Solder evaluation
● Flux evaluation
● Benchmarking
● Quality control

Contamination Testing: Corrosion, degradation, metallization, and rapid deterioration of wire connections come under contamination. This can lead to various issues. Common contamination sources include human byproducts, handling, flux residues, and reaction products. Tests under this head tackles with problems like:

● Copper etching liquid
● Hot air leveling fluxes
● Electrolytic solutions
● Water-soluble soldering


Stellar is one of the best data recovery service providers when it comes to recovery of data from the hard disk drive with an affected PCB. They apply best process of data recovery to recover data from the hard disk drive with a failed PCB. Not only this, they can recover data from any kind of storage device such as laptop, computer, SD cards, pen drives, MacBook, etc. Apart from this, Stellar can handle all other major hard drive data recovery cases such as Power Surge, Data Deletion, Virus Attack, Head-crash, Clicking noise coming out of the drive, No sensation in the drive. Be it a simple or a complex data loss case, Stellar data recovery India ensures 100% safety and security of your data. Also, to submit your hard drive, you can reach its nearest lab or opt for a free pick up service. Besides this, the company also offers 24-hour customer support for 6 days a week.

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