What Was The First Ever Registered Domain Name?

What Was The First Ever Registered Domain Name?

Now a day, everyone is enjoying their place on the internet. Certainly, to carve out your place on the internet, you need a domain name. Certainly, with this domain name, one can create a site. There are 342 million domain names registered with different extensions. You could find a thousand of the website for a particular business or services. But, you ever think that which was the first registered domain name and when it was registered. The history of domain registering is very broad.

Registered Domain Name

First registered domain

Symbolics.com was the first domain which was registered online. It was registered on March 15, 1985, by a Massachusetts based company. Symbolics Computer Corporation was the company who registered the Symbolics.com. However, Symbolics Computer Corporation was a well-known computer language Development Company. It developed a Lisp language that is the second oldest programming language. But, it was only the first registered domain; the first created domain was Nordu.net. It was created on January 1985. Symbolics.com was the first domain name only which was registered with the correct DNS process.

About Symbolics.com

Symbolics has turned into the historical domain. It was created and registered by Symbolics Computer Corp. However, at that time it was a well-known computer Development Company. But after a few years, it loses its popularity as a brand name. While the Symbolics.com domain has noted their name in history for a first domain. As a first registered domain, it cannot lose its popularity and traffic of the site. Most of the visitors search and visit this domain to meet the first domain. If you wants to make your own business website then you needs a domain name generally it cost you about 5 to 10$ but you can use some specific brand coupons like Hostgator coupon code, Godaddy domain offers and so on to get discount.

History of Symbolics.com as a first registered domain

It was registered 26 years ago, on 15 March 1985. The Symbolics started diminishing and had to fall bankruptcy in 1993. Although Symbolics was facing a financial problem they continued to work for make exist. After sixteen years of registered, Symbolics was purchased by Aron Meystedt who is the CEO of XF.com. However, the price of domain selling was undisclosed.

The betterment of humanity

When XF.com purchased Symbolics.com then he uses it as a contribute betterment of humanity. Hence, he tries to make it a big internet museum.

He takes the benefits of its popularity and more traffic. So, on it’s about page added a collection of content which was for todays and next generation. They give the name of this project The Big Internet Museum.

Domain Name

The Big Internet Museum

This project was developed with great intention. Consequently, the visitors get educated about the www (World Wide Web) from all across the globe. When one will be entered in World’s first and oldest registered there are few navigation bars to guide. There are dark background, social media buttons, and a simple navigation bar. Make a closer look and you will see a big internet museum. It is a museum with numerous wings, temporary exhibitions, donations, and other rich permanent collections. Therefore, when you will navigate the site you will find everything from audio-visual history wing to a social media wing and even more. These navigation wings will guide you about the various field of knowledge by click on it.

1)History Wing
2)Audio-Visual Wing
3)Technology Wing
4)Temporary Exhibition

Every wing has numerous exhibits with images and a short piece of text. As a result, visitors could get nice information about the major moment in internet history.

Symbolics has been a memorable name in internet history. However, it was the first domain that becomes a brand on its own. It has created a history and now turned into an online museum as a symbol of internet world changes. Consequently, it is a historical domain name that is useful for the betterment of humanity.

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