Tips for Restaurants to Manage Long Wait Time During Peak Hours

Tips for Restaurants to Manage Long Wait Time During Peak Hours

In the 21st century opening a food business is a great way to earn money. As your restaurant starts growing the number of customers starts to increase especially in peak hours of your business. The long ques may consider giving a good impression to the customers but will result in losing the new customers.

In the busiest world, people don’t have time to wait for so long just for eating your delicious meal. As technology gets advanced the 24 hours’ clock isn’t enough for the people to do all their work. Your restaurant reputation will get spoil if you can’t manage the long wait times.

According to a study it was found that more than 90 per cent of customers who suffer from wait time issues are those who are standing in ques or sitting on the table and waiting for their turn to give the order. It was found that those people are most dangerous to any food business as they increase the time they waited.

It’s human nature that if someone needs to wait for 10 minutes before placing an order he or she may felt that he is waiting for more than 20 minutes. These issues can create a hurdle for the restaurant owners and needs to be handled carefully. To prevent such problems, you need to follow the tips told in this blog.

Optimizing Staff

While running a restaurant it is essential to recruit professional staff that is quick and diligence in order to serve people quickly in peak hours. The restaurants can be over-staffed but never be under-staffed or else your service time will increase resulting in loss of footfalls and profits. Remember to place the latest inventory like commercial countertop freezers that can provide storage space as well as cool temperature for the products.

Use Wait Management System

The technology is essential in every aspect of human life. The wait management system is specially designed for food businesses to reduce their time in peak hours. The wait managing system can increase the table turns by communicating with the wait staffs, texting waiting for a guest, quoting waiting time and calling names when the order gets ready. This software tool is a cost-effective way to reduce the wait time by automating the seating process.

Change the Customer Perspective

It is important for restaurant owners to take care of customer interest. Sitting at the table or standing in long ques can make the 10 minutes of wait felt like 1 hour. The perception of customers’ needs to be changed by giving pagers. During the peak hours give a free drink to the customers of the waiting area so that they could know that you actually care for them. This will increase your restaurant reputation and you won’t lose any single customer.

Managing Kitchen

The key area of any restaurant is the kitchen that produces delicious food items. The top tip to manage the long wait timing is to increase the space and chiefs of your kitchen. The one chief cannot produce a delicious meal for more than 20 people at a time. Deploy at least 4 staff members in the kitchen out of which two should be chief while other 2 should be the helping hand. In this way, you will smartly manage the time in peak hours.


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