Know The Right Time To Replace Vape Tank

Know The Right Time To Replace Vape Tank

Knowing when to modify your pod on a vape pod device is among the most important facets of vape pod ownership. Unfortunately, there is absolutely no clear-cut answer; it is dependent upon multiple factors that tie into your vaping habits. A lot of us are guilty of perhaps pushing our apparatus a little too far, however, and this may put your apparatus at risk. By knowing the signs of when to replace vape pods, you safeguard your device and stop it from burning or breaking completely.


Although it is not possible to provide an exact, 100% correct time frame for the replacement of your pods – that depends upon both your vaping habits and your device – the overall optimum interval is between three-to-five days based on usage. This is the period of time during which your routine, an ordinary user will burn through all of their cheap e-liquid. Although, again, this does depend on your device, the amount of vape juice that your pod contains, and how sharply and often you vape.

One thing we do not suggest, however, is about weeks with the identical pod, even in the event that you have not used all of the e-liquid. This is because the longer it’s left from the pod, the fresh it is going to be. This won’t harm your device but nobody wants stale tasting vapor, right? You may also notice a drop in functionality the longer your e-liquid has put in your device, and you may also find more crackling and popping as the wick becomes oversaturated with cheap e-liquid.

So, although three-to-five days might sound a little drastic to those who use their vapes infrequently, it is by far the best guide for changing your pods.


As we said, knowing when it’s time to modify your vape pods is one of the most useful abilities any vape pod operator can have. To help you out, We’ve put together a quick checklist:

1. You Get a Burnt or Stale Taste

The most obvious sign that it’s time to change your own vape pod is if you take a puff and you obtain a burnt or stale taste. This taste can occur in alternating sharpness, and the harsher the burnt taste is – it’s similar to that of smoking, but far more harsh – the emptier your pod is.

When a pod is empty, it causes the heating element to burn out and this can cause irreversible harm. So, as soon as you start to observe the subtlest and slightest burning taste, get your bunny sorted out.

2. Your Vape Juice Looks Darker

Vape juice can begin to appear darker over the years because of oxidation that takes place when e-liquid comes into contact with the atmosphere. Even though a small darkening is nice, if you can realize that your e-liquid is beginning to seem more like a slimy sludge compared to a slick liquid then now is the time to change it.

Attempting to use an e-liquid that’s oxidized to the point it has become a sludge will deliver a less-than-pleasing flavor and could harm your device.

3. Dry Hits and Less Vapour Production

If you begin to observe that despite the best attempts, your vape pod is emitting less vapor, or you’re starting to find dry hits that cause you to break out into a coughing fit, your vapor has likely run down to the last couple of drops.

Again, to avoid damaging your pod device, replace or refill your vape pod instantly.

4. Little or No Flavour

This will generally be something you notice besides a lack of vapor creation and/or dry hits. If the flavor you are used to tasting does not come via the device, and instead, you receive a stale flavor (or nothing!) Then your vape pod may either have run out or its cheap e-liquid has gone past its prime.

5. Visible Build Up on Your Coil

Some vape juices contain sweeteners and sugars as flavor enhancers. Unfortunately, with time, these may begin clogging up since the sugars caramelize because of the heat made by the coil.

This tends to happen more when an e-liquid has gone beyond its prime because the liquid will be thicker and will take longer to vaporize, therefore providing the e-liquid longer to caramelize when subjected to the coil’s heat for more.


Regrettably, there is nothing you can do once your coil has burnt out and has passed the point of no return. The only thing you can do in this scenario is to remove the coil that is overburdened, give your device a tidy, then replace the coil with a fresh new one.

The coil replacement procedure is quite simple and there are lots of tools on the internet that you could use to understand how to do it yourself. There comes a stage where each vaper has to replace their own coil only because they burn out naturally, so it really is a skill that you need to learn.

E-cig coils are comparatively cheap to substitute, however, we always recommend purchasing a coil out of the original provider of your vaping apparatus just to make certain it’s the ideal replacement and doesn’t cause harm to your device. 

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