Ring Crush Test For The Paper Industry

Ring Crush Test For The Paper Industry

One of the many products that the paper industry makes is the corrugated containers, or what the layman calls “cardboard boxes”. These are used universally as a mode of transporting goods, whether it’s via railways, roadways or air transport. These boxes are often the first choice for transporting goods. They are trusted for their comprehensive resistance strength, which is why it is wise to ensure that they are of high load-bearing capacity.

Each industry has varied strength requirements for cardboard containers. Some may require prolonged load-bearing capacity, while others may not have the need for such exceptional strength. Whatever may be the requirement, it is necessary to test the boxes before they leave the factory floors.

Ring Crush Testing

In order to test the overall strength of a container, it is necessary to evaluate the edgewise compression strength of the fiberboard material the container is made of. The load faced by shipping containers is largely resisted by the container material. Thus, a compression test is a vital quality to be tested. This is where a Ring Crush Tester comes into the picture.

A Ring Crush Tester is used to test the ring crushing strength of a paperboard. By using the right accessories, it can also be used to test the column compress and adhesion strength of the corrugated board. The machine has a precise ball screw, which drives the compression platen steadily along the guide track and compresses the paperboard specimen. A high accurate load cell then detects the compression signal using the analyses of the test program and displays the results on an indicator.

During testing, the paperboard or fiberboard specimen is folded into a circular shape and then held in a modified holder. This specimen is now held between two compression plates. A specific amount of compression force is exerted using those plated on the specimen until it collapses. This point, where the material buckles, is recorded and left to be analyzed later.

Usually, the machines available, with the right accessories can be used for three different tests –

  • Ring Crush Test
  • Edge Crush Test
  • Flat Crush Test

A Ring Crush Tester is specifically used for ring crush testing. There are different types of Ring Crush Testers available in the market such as the Digital Type for ECT RCT PAT Ring Crush Strength Testing Machine, or the Microcomputer Ring Crush Strength Testing Machine or the Ring Crush Edge Compressive Strength Test Machine. All of these have pros and cons and come at a different price point.

Usually, it is a digital microprocessor embedded model that is most popular within the industry. There are also different types of fixtures available for distinct tests. These fixtures are strong enough to hold the specimen in a manner that no slippage can occur and lead to corrupted results. An excellent NABL certified load cell is usually provided to ensure the flow of a uniform compression force. Safety switches are also provided to predetermine travel length. Every part of a potent Ring Crush Tester is ISO certified.

If you invest in a Ring Crush Tester keeping all the above qualities and checks in mind, it will go a long way in ensuring the right quality for your business.

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