Save to These Categories

Save to These Categories

The scientific works within theories of finance and credit according to the specification of the study object are characterized by being multifaceted and leveled.

The definition of all economic conditions formed in the process of formation, distribution and use of finance as sources of money is widely disseminated. For example, in “the general theory of finance” there are two definitions of finance:

Save to these categories:

  • arts and entertainment
  • automotive
  • Baby and children
  • Beauty and personal care
  • Clothes and accessories
  • education
  • electronic
  • Financing and insurance
  • Flowers and giftsFood and drinks

The financing reflects economic relations, the formation of money from money sources, in the process of distribution and redistribution of national income after distribution and use. “This definition is given relative to the conditions of capitalism when cash commodity relations become universal in nature;

Funding represents the formation of centralized and decentralized sources of money, economic relations relative to distribution and use, which serve to fulfill the functions and obligations of the state and also provide the conditions for increased expanded production. “This definition It is presented without showing the environment for its action We partly share such an explanation of the economy and we think it is practical to make some specifications

First, financing exceeds the limits of distribution and redistribution of national income, although it is a basic funding base. In addition, the formation and use of the depreciation fund, which is part of the economic domain, does not belong to the distribution and redistribution of national income (of the newly formed value for one year), but to the distribution of the already developed value.

The latter appears to be part of the value of the main industrial foundations, then it is transferred to the cost of a finished product (which is also the value) and after its realization, and the Depression Fund is created. Its source is considered in advance as a type of depression in the consistency of the cost of finished products.

Second, the main goal of financing is much broader than “fulfilling the functions and obligations of the state and providing conditions for greater production.” The financing is available at the state level and also at the production and branch level and under such conditions when most of the producers are not mentioned.

Businesses almost always see financial savings as the end result and don’t like to worry about the intangible opportunities associated with soft savings. Before you completely discard them when evaluating a possible Six Sigma project, remember that soft savings are more advantageous and “hard” than you think.

Hard savings are traditionally much easier for the administration to understand, which is why they are so desirable. It is easier to give a green light to a project that results in higher revenue / sales, lower overall costs and unit cost reductions.

One way to change this way of thinking about hard savings as opposed to soft savings is not to think of them as hard or soft, but as a spectrum.

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