Self Management of a New Airport Manager: Stephanie Morgan Fernandina Beach

Self Management of a New Airport Manager: Stephanie Morgan Fernandina Beach

Are you a new manager? If so, then you know that the job of a manager is challenging. Suddenly, you have encouraged from being a practical or qualified expert where you knew most of the answers and how to actually solve or is to be a “specialist” airport manager. This article suggests some ways to effectively manage the transition. Here we are going to discuss the roles of an expert airport manager and what are the self-management skills that are required by a new airport manager.

Stephanie Morgan being an expert and knowledgeable airport manager joined the Lewiston-Nez Perce County Regional Airport Authority as Manager in May 2017. Earlier to that, Stephanie Morgan Fernandina Beach used to manage a general aviation airport where she led the staff in upgrades to operations, playing a major role in the Governor’s recovery hard work following Hurricane Matthew. She is a passionate person also served in several staff positions at Jacksonville Aviation Authority to comprise Operations, Community Relations, Federal Affairs, Marketing, Air Service Development, and External Affairs.  Stephanie also worked in various air service development, scheduling and risk management and customer service for TWA Airlines.

Being an expert Stephanie Morgan Fernandina Beach suggests fresher’s to set a limit and attach to it. It’s very trouble-free to get sucked into working longer and longer hours just since you are fresh to the position and have so much to discover. The rule of diminishing profits will start to boot in after a particular period of time at work, i.e. the more you work, the fewer you may achieve. Stephanie Morgan is an active Member of the American Association of Airport Executives, American Minority Advisory Council, Airport Council International, and Aviation Workforce Alliance.

In addition to this, Stephanie Morgan Fernandina Beach is also a private pilot and instrument rated. She attended the United States Military Academy majoring in engineering, and also pursued a bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Business from St.  She has served on quite a lot of industry affiliation committees and has been a speaker on quite a lot of panels. She’s a dynamic Member of the American Association of Airport Executives, Airport Council International, American Minority Advisory Council, and Aviation Workforce Alliance. She has been selected as airport Manager City of Fernandina Beach, Florida where she was responsible for all tasks related to the safety, planning, operations, management, finance, administration community budgeting, affairs, capital planning, and development of the Airport.

So lastly, if you are looking for a mentor then Stephanie Morgan is the right person as she has several years of experience in the industry and being an important person who has been successful manager who knows all the strategies linked with the job profile.

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