Sellers Guide to Central Vacuum System

Sellers Guide to Central Vacuum System

Vacuum cleaners have been an integral part of our lives, and over a period of time, they have transformed tremendously. Unlike the earlier forms, we have a more powerful and compact version available nowadays. It won’t be wrong to say that with the technological growth and research, the large and heavy portable vacuum cleaners are making a way to the central vacuum system. People these days prefer to stay in an indoor atmosphere which is clean from dirt, dust, and allergen, and there is a considerable rise in the sales of the system. However, as they are more costly than the traditional portable vacuum cleaners, it sometimes gets difficult to convince the customers about the modern system and increase the sales and business volume. Being in business, one should know the features and benefits that can attract the customers for installing them and turn out to be winning sales personnel sealing the deal.

What is a Central Vacuum System?

The function of central vacuum system is more or less similar to that of a portable vacuum system, but it has its central unit attached to the building. This modern-day machinery has its central or power unit attached in the basement, garage, or storage room and the inlets are mounted in walls throughout the building which is attached to the power hose. In many such systems, the power hose has a power switch as well.

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Points to Highlight for Increasing the Sales Volume:

The ultimate goal of any business is to increase the revenues and earn more profits by convincing the customers genuinely about the product attributes. Every salesperson should know the art of satisfying the customer and gain business. Some of the features that can be highlighted while selling the central vacuum system are mention here.

  • As compared to the portable vacuum cleaners, these require minimum maintenance and if done regularly, then this machine works effectively in the long-run. The portable vacuum cleaners are outdated and need regular maintenance to give satisfactory performance whereas in the case of a central vacuum system the matter is just the opposite. They are also light-weight and easy to use.
  • The trash intake capacity of these modern systems is much more than the conventional cleaners and the filters stay clean for a longer time. They do not need the power cords as they are fixed at someplace.
  • The noise levels of the central vacuum system are less, thus keeping the indoors almost silent when at work. In this type of systems, the motor for suction is kept in some place of the home like the garage, and the dirt and the dust are sucked in through the ducts keeping the indoors almost silent.
  • When we talk about efficiency and effectiveness of the central system, then they are more effective than the ones which are portable. The accessories provided with the system can deep clean any area or surface and gives a look that it has been cleaned professionally.
  • If you are worried about allergens or air pollution, then installing this system can come as a savior. With the help of this system, you can easily reduce the allegers dust particles and other debris easily, thus making the environment free from pollutants.
  • The best part about this kind of vacuum system is that it is free from noise and doesn’t heat up even after long usage. The life span of this type of vacuum system is nearly 20 years and do not require regular maintenance that is otherwise needed in portable cleaners. The portable cleaners also have a productive cleaning capacity for 2 to 3 years, and after that, they give trouble while working or becomes dead.
  • With the central vacuum system in place, the value of the property increases to a much extent as the buyers always look for a property that has all modern amenities to stay safe and healthy while at indoors.
  • Working with the traditional vacuum cleaner is a hectic job as one needs to bend now and then or shift the device from one place to another. With the system in place, this problem is negated.


While selling such a central vacuum system, a seller must always emphasize on the above-mentioned features of the vacuum system and based on it they must prorogate its selling. The attribute mentioned is enough to bring out the eagerness of the buyer to seal the deal and go for it. These are the good convincing points that one needs to bring forward to the customers while selling them.

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