6 Ship Handling Tricks To Handle Ships in Better Way

6 Ship Handling Tricks To Handle Ships in Better Way

Ocean Shipping is the oldest form of transportation available. Water covers a major part of the earth. With an increase in international shipping to around 90% with all the means of transport such as air, rail, roadways, and through the ocean, Ocean shipping and freight have gained immense popularity. There are other modern ways by which shipping is done, but the largest carrier of shipping and freight is done through oceans.

6 biggest advantage of ocean freight shipping are as follows:


As a part of Curacao ship handling services, ocean transportation is 3x cost-effective than air cargo. In international ocean transportation, thousands of other entities share a huge space, which reduces the cost of transportation. A person can ship from a small package to whole house items including furniture, appliances, vehicles, etc. in ocean shipping. Ocean shipping proves very economical when you want to ship to longer distances.


Smaller parcels are grouped together in a container and sent which becomes cost-effective to the sender. While large goods and raw material in ocean shipping are clubbed together in a larger container, which air cargo, fail to provide. This is the ideal way to move heavy and large goods from one place to the other safely.

Extended capabilities

Large vessels of ships are able to carry goods, which are otherwise not able to transport by the air or roadways. These include heavy vehicles such as trucks, buses, heavy raw materials, oil, gas, etc. A known Shipyard agent in Curacao provides cargo ships to enable this facility from one dock to another.


Ocean transportation driven by a Curacao ship agent is very reliable as they are regularly checked by the radar control and heavily monitored by the crew and staff of the cargo company. The hazard of lost ships is reducing day by day and it ensures the reliability of the consignment to reach safely to its owner. Moreover, the industry is gaining immense popularity in handling goods effectively.


The speed of delivery in ocean transportation is reducing drastically, while it first took months to cross the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean, now it can be crossed in a few days. Modern cargo vessels are designed to carry the frozen and perishable goods keeping them fresh throughout the journey.

Eco – Friendly

Compared to the other modes of transportation like air and roadways, ocean ships emit less carbon and preserve the natural environment. As the technology is advancing with modern techniques of ship designing, the emission of carbon is going downwards ensuring the safety and environmentally friendly atmosphere.

To conclude

There are measures taken by Curacao Ship Chandlers to increase ocean transportation as it is very cost-effective and ensures the reliability of the packages to be delivered safely to its recipient. These were some of the biggest advantages of ocean shipping. In the near future, ocean shipping will beat all the requirements and prove to be the topmost carrier for transportation.

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