Significant Restumping Benefits You Need To Learn ASAP
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Significant Restumping Benefits You Need To Learn ASAP

Significant Restumping Benefits You Need To Learn ASAP

When you want to make a flooring of your choice, builders will often suggest having the stumps under the house to strengthen the flooring and also the foundation. However, over time, these stumps wear out, causing an imbalance in the property present above. That’s when you need to think about replacing these old stumps with a new ones.

However, most people ignore the importance of replacing the stumps and continue to avoid the situation until it’s too late. For this reason, here, we have explained the major benefits of restumping your house once again.

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Can drive the dry rot away:

The place where the stumps are built is not well-ventilated. This causes the growth of dry rot in the wooden sticks. It’s a fungus that slowly eats away the stumps, causing the wooden fiber to form powdery, which further reduces the strength and poses a threat to the property. Therefore, restumping is very important for properties. In this process, the old, dry rotten woods can be removed easily and are replaced by the new wooden stumps, which ensures that the fungi cannot damage the structure for at least another couple of years.

Can increase the current space of the house:

For houses built on stumps, it is extremely difficult to increase the space horizontally. This is where the restumping process will help you to make your house more spacious and widespread.  Once the new stumps will be placed, you will be able to contact the builder and increase your house area over the newly placed wooden sticks underneath the floor level.

Safeguards the property:

Even though stumps are effective in ensuring the longevity of the stronghold, over the years, the strength of these wooden sticks dwindles. As a result of this, your property comes at high risk where it can collapse any time without even a single warning. This becomes more hazardous in case the soil underneath is loose or the area is within the earthquake zone. That’s why specialists always suggest going for restumping since the process will safeguard your property and prevent any further damage, both to the people living inside and the overall structure.

Enhance the value of the structure:

Let’s say you are planning to sell the house after a couple of months or years. if the stumps present underneath the floor are weak, there will be depreciation in our house’s value. When you will put your house up forsake, inspectors will come to verify the condition of the property. First, they will start with the foundation which is built from wooden stumps. If these pieces are not strong enough to hold the property for the coming years, the property’s market value will receive a deathblow. So, if you want to increase the sale price, you need to choose the restumping process as this will help you to strengthen the foundation, and make it long-lasting.

Prevents any kind of house damage and accidents:

With the new stumps, you will be able to prevent accidents and damages inside the house. Usually, the stumps are quite wide which easily holds the property in place. But, as the wooden sticks get older, they fail to display the level of stamina, thereby threatening the well-being of the property. If you want to prevent damages and accidents in your home because of a weakened foundation, you need to plan for restumping.


Restumping is usually very costly. But, if you choose the right contractor, you will save your house by strengthening the foundation, which will then save your bank balance. This is why pay more attention to your house’s physical condition and immediately call up the restumping firm in your city.

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