Why Sintex Tank is Popular Brand Since 1900’s: Here know why?

Why Sintex Tank is Popular Brand Since 1900’s: Here know why?

Sintex Tanks – Cooler, Brighter, and Stronger. These tanks are very much popular in India. They have been growing with regular use in households and commercial and industrial use. They are available in 4 colors white, blue, yellow, and green. You can find them at very affordable prices. They are available in a wide range. There range usually starts from Rs.3,400. It very much affordable and once installed will give long-time durability. Also, they have cracks and punctures.

In this article, we will be catering to facts about Sintex Water Tank.

·In the budget branded water tank

Sintex Tank is branded and available since 2o’s they have grown with more than time and provide all the possible features a water tank should have according to the changes taken place in more than 15-20 years. Food-grade plastic material are used in their manufacturing. It is 100 & safe and secure material.  The material used in their making is recyclable and easy to maintain its cleanliness.

·100% UV Stabilized

Sintex Water Tank has the capacity to hold the sunlight reflects on it. They are made of such material that cannot affect the tank in any way special reflect on the water stored in it. It’s completely safe and pure for drinking. It will never let any algae form in water instead will kill them. Because they complement the factor of anti-bacterial tanks.

·Cleaning is much easier with installation

Their cleaning is much easier as you expect. You can clean it with dishwashers or little detergent powders. Avoid using chemical s in tanks because you will store water in them.  When you clean its important to let it dry 1st and then store water. Please open the tank cap so that the smell of detergent can go away. The installation is much easier. You must get the cleaning done in 1 year at least.

·Reverse Osmosis add on

It is a system that filters the water you can get connected Reverse Osmosis to the tanks. for more pure and safe water storage. Sintex Tank online availability is there with this added feature. This is a very unknown fact that people hardly know. RO system added will make water purer to store even longer days than regular.

Which is the best material to buy in Sintex Tank?

The material depends all on your usage you want to know how, here are the uses in different formats:

  1. For industrial and other commercial use, the best tanks are stainless steel. Because they are strong, scratch proof, and have the ability to store in the large capacity as required in factor and industries. But nowadays the Sintex has produced the plastic tanks as well which are much stronger like stainless steel tanks
  2. For household Sintex plastic water tanks are well to go

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