Smart Ways to Pack Your Clothes for Your Upcoming Move

Smart Ways to Pack Your Clothes for Your Upcoming Move

Are you planning to move to or from Bhopal? Packing is an energy draining task for sure as you have to pack everything in a way to find them as good as new when you unpack them. Besides, when it comes to packing of clothes then we become even more particular as they are delicate enough to get dirty or ripped if they aren’t packed or handled properly. Packers and movers in Bhopal can help you out in the best possible way with their professional techniques of packing and moving things from one place to another.

Clothes are the last out of all that we pack up when moving, but they require the most technical packing. They aren’t considered “fragile” items but some of the damages can still happen to them.

There’s also the issue of unpacking them when you reach your new place. Follow these packing tips for clothes to make the process much more efficient all the way around.

Clean your Closet

The first step that you take while packing anything in your house is to declutter, declutter and declutter! If you have got some clothes in your closet or any of your family member’s closets that you no longer want or need then it is the perfect time to get rid of those items. You can donate those clothes to someone, who is less fortunate than you or you can send them for recycling.

You can ask some of the questions to yourself to come to a decision:

Do I love it?

Is it outdated?

Does it look worn out?

Does it still fit me?

The more you de-clutter, the less you’ll have to move and arrange in the new house. Don’t let sentimentality cost you more time and money. Donate things that are in good condition and recycle the rest. You can also use some of your old clothes to pack fragile items or to fill the empty spaces in the cartons that you pack.

Sort Your Items

Once you have kept aside the things that you are taking along then it’s time to sort them out. This will make the process of packing and unpacking much more efficient. Start with the packing according to the season. For instance: if you are moving in summers then pack your winter clothes first.

After that, you can sort rest of the clothes in a way that works best for you. Here are some options:

1. Color

2. Types (jackets, pants, shirts,trousers, etc)

3. Occasion (work, party wear, casuals)

This may take a little bit more time upfront, but you’ll be glad you sorted them by categories because at the time of unpacking things it will be much easier for you as you will only have to take them out from cartons and place in your wardrobe. Moreover, it will become even easier for you if you have to find any specific item before you fully unpack everything.

Put all the essentials aside

Before you start packing your clothes for the move, you will definitely need some of them to wear for a few days until you arrive at your new place. Clothing should be one of the last things you pack, so put aside some of the clothes you’ll need in a separate box or suitcase for how many ever days will come between the day you pack and the day you move to your new house, plus some clothes for a few days after the move. Make sure you clearly label that suitcase or that box so that you know this contains all the essential clothes.

Use Wardrobe Boxes, cartons, dresser drawers and suitcases

To keep your clothes as good as new during loading, transporting and unloading, special boxes are designed for different types of clothes.

1. Wardrobe boxes are designed to keep your clothes hanged as they are in your wardrobe, it is a convenient way to move your clothes from your wardrobe to the wardrobe box in minutes and you don’t have to take them off the hangers. It is the best way to move your clothes in a protected manner.

2. You won’t even need to remove your items from their dresser drawers. If they don’t weigh the dresser down too much, you just have to secure the boxes with a few layers of packing tape that doesn’t leave any adhesive residue behind and also doesn’t allow anything to fall from the dresser.

3. Cartons are also designed to keep your clothes safe. Such cartons have dividers that keep your clothes separated from each other.

4. Suitcases are also a good option for packing and moving your clothes. You’ll have to move them to the new house; anyway, so save money on boxes and put some clothes in those suitcases.

Make sure you packing shoes and accessories separated from your clothes

To make packing and unpacking easier, it is important to pack your shoes and accessories separately.

Shoes are something that is not clean, so it is always better to wrap each shoe in a plastic bag before packing them up. You can reuse plastic shopping bags or buy ZiplocK bags. You can also use shoe covers and shoe boxes that come along with them at the time of purchase.

As for accessories, pack them in small plastic ZiplocK bags or small boxes and then put them in the suitcase so that there is negligible chance of any damage. Don’t pack them with your clothes because accessories are delicate and can easily break with tossing and turning clothes at the time of unpacking.

Label your clothes boxes clearly

Label all the boxes clearly and inventory everything that is inside them. You can also mention the room the boxes belong to, this will help you and you won’t be puzzled at the time of unpacking.

Even if you hire movers and packers in Bhopal, this labeling strategy will prove to be convenient to them as well.

Have a happy and safe move!

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