Sound Proof Canopies or DG Set Enclosures

Sound Proof Canopies or DG Set Enclosures

If you are using a generator in an open area and want to reduce the noise of DG set than soundproof canopies are one of the best solutions.

These DG Set enclosures can reduce the sound of diesel generators around -35db to -20db. Generator canopies are mainly a large box, which is lined with the audible installation. Generators with this acoustic canopy have sealed the sound of a generator. Without the use of canopy in a geneset we can say it’s an open Genset and this kind of Genset is the main cause of noise pollution. The sound of a diesel generator is very irritating and no one wants to face it.

The maximum time we use to fix our generator outside the home, in this condition Genset always faces extreme weather and heavy storms and that is not a good sign for generator life. Because of the extreme weather conditions, the generator body and internal parts will be harmed.

So the Genset canopies are one of the best solutions to avoid this situation.

Manufacturing of genTent done by the thick metal sheet which can reduce the generator sound and capable to observe the heat of the generator.

You can find the Genset canopies in different ranges like 50 Kva to 2500 Kva. The main goal of the establishment of the Genset canopy is reducing the sound and increases the life of the generator.

So if you are using power backup for your home or business uses, buying a GenTent is always beneficial for your generator.

soundproof canopies

Generator canopies are one of the best solutions to increase the life of the generator and reduce noise pollution. Few other benefits we will discuss here.

soundproof canopies

Best alternative

You can have a steel enclosure, a plastic shed, a pop-up cover, or other make-shift shapes for defensive your transportable generator. One important benefit genTent has over all of these other options is that its cell and non-restrictive. The GenTent attaches to the generator itself and does not make contact with the floor.

This indicates you may roll your portable generator anyplace you want it while not having to do away with the generator canopy. All sensitive additives are optimally blanketed without limiting get right of entry to for the duration of use. Despite storm and snowfall pressure precipitation, the Genset canopy continues your generator secure and dry.Best in ventilation

Not like other canopies and shelters, the canopies allow unrestricted airflow and air drift. The fresh air intake isn’t blocked through the quilt so that you recognize your generator’s motor may not be choked out. Warmness generated with the aid of the motor can naturally radiate and vent, so overheating will become an issue of the past.

Customs compatibility

Soundproof canopies have custom designs for over 1,000 distinct generator makes and models. The cover itself is one-length-suits-all because of its adjustable clamping or strap-primarily based mounting strategies. There are various mounting methods for a custom suit on almost any portable generator.

The mounting strategies create an ideal suit throughout a wide form of generator sizes and shapes. However, GenTent canopies aren’t endorsed or designed for open-top turbines that have their muffler located at or close to the top of the unit where the muffler warmth ought to accumulate in the generator canopy.

Points to consider when you buy soundproof canopies.

  • The design of the DG set enclosures is according to your generator, all the parameter will be the same.
  • Best quality material used in the manufacturing of canopies like best steel sheet, best hinges, and door lock, etc.
  • Operator friendly means easily accessible at the time of repair or maintenance of a generator.
  • You need to check also the delivery time of soundproof canopies because late delivery means your Genset will face extreme weather a few more days.
  • When you buy generator canopies first you check it’s user-friendly or not, that means canopies will install according to your needs and condition.
  • Make sure canopies installation done at the time of the engine is running, so no need to stop your work.
  • Canopy space requirement is minimal, which means canopies will build according to the area you have.
  • Transportation of canopies will be easy, it means if you want to place your Genset canopies from one place to another, it will be easy in transportation.
  • You also need to check canopies will be transported in a very small place.
  • The most understandable point at the time of buying a generator canopy is the price of canopies. You need to search for a competitive price at the time of purchasing canopy. You have to find the best product at a good price.


Soundproof canopies are the best option to protect your home generator or business generator from extreme weather. This DG set enclosure is also helpful to reduce the noise pollution of diesel generator. With the help of a generator canopy, you can increase the future of diesel generators. They are also helpful to protect from soil and other dust particles which is harmful to DG sets.

To get the best deal of Genset canopies, you need to consider a few important points. Which will help you to find out the best deal of GenTent.

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