Employment Lawyer – A Source of Strength for any Employment Issues

Employment Lawyer – A Source of Strength for any Employment Issues

Employment lawyers are lawyers who are expert in employment and labour laws. Employment lawyers help employees and employers in different cases. These Lawyers know the details about the law and the clauses and can offer right insights in situations. The Employment Lawyer Toronto who offers their consultation services to their clients on demand. An employment lawyer can be helpful in the following cases:

  • In Canada, the standard daily work time is eight hours. Any employer can give a normal wage to their employees up to eight hours of duty per day. Any extra work time after these eight hours would be considered as overtime. If any employee works for more than eight hours then the employee must be given overtime wage for the extra work. Besides that, the work hours per week cannot exceed more than 45 hours. If any employee works for more than the normal hours and does not get the overtime wages then they can sue the employer and ask for overtime dues by filing a lawsuit or a claim letter. An employment lawyer can help these employees in need.

  • In Canada, the labour law has strict and definite guidelines about employee recruitment and dismissal. The law states that an employer cannot fire any employee without sighting any proper cause. The employer must state a definite cause in advance to the employer. Additionally, an employer cannot fire an employee in a single day. The employee must be served a two weeks advance notice with proper cause. If an employee has been dismissed by a notice on a single day then the employee can ask for protection and justice from the legal authority according to the labour law. The employee can sue the employer or file a lawsuit. Any wrongfully dismissed employee can consult an employment lawyer Toronto for further procedure and legal advice.

  • Employment lawyers can also provide consultation and services to employers in need. If any employee is found guilty of any misconduct in their workplace then the employers can consult an employment lawyer to proceed further on the matter.

  • Every employee in Canada is protected against discrimination in workplaces under the labour law. If any employee is faced with discrimination in his or her workplace, then he or she can take advice from a labour lawyer to seek justice.

There are many employment lawyers in Toronto. If you need consultation from any of them, then you can easily find them. You can search in the local Bar Association of your city. Find a lawyer as per your need from the huge information provided in the internet. Take a look at the biographical information and you can find out if the lawyer would suit your needs. Otherwise, you can ask for referrals from your circle which include your family members, friends or relatives. Alternatively, you may ask for referrals from your family attorney for employment lawyer Toronto. Or, you can check out the law firms that will definitely house different lawyer with varied experiences. These are few ways to find labour lawyers near you.

If any employee feels that he or she has been denied justice by the employer then they should consult an employment lawyer as soon as possible. The lawyer will be able to guide them and help them to obtain justice.

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