Steer your small business success with cloud computing

Steer your small business success with cloud computing

Technological advancement has revolutionized the whole world and businesses are no exception to it. The operations from pen and paper have now moved to apps and computers. And all these changes have happened for good because it has given small business an opportunity to compete with the giant players of their industry.

Earlier, the latest technologies were available for big players only because opting for such solutions was not a feasible option for small businesses. But with the evolution of the technology, it became an economical option for small businesses as well and cloud computing is the best example of this availability of technology for SMEs.

There are various ways in which the cloud computing technology is helping small businesses gain competitive advantages over other players and the plethora of benefits offered by the cloud computing solution can be easily availed in even a watertight budget.

Cloud Computing

With the power of cloud computing solution, the small businesses have been able to eliminate the money guzzler operations from their business and optimize their task in the most precise way. Whether it is about using the cloud for storage or hosting, small businesses are accepting the blessings of the cloud without any resistance.

So, let’s take a look at how you can use cloud computing to steer your business success and gain a competitive advantage over other players.

Embrace the power of cloud storage

The cloud platform can act as the most secured storage location for all your important business files and folders. There are several cloud storage platforms which you can use without paying a single penny. Google Drive, iDrive and Dropbox are some of the best and most secure cloud storage platforms which can be used for free. But with the growth of your business, the size of your data will also increase and in that case, it is recommended to buy the cloud storage package which gives you access to more cloud space.

The cloud storage offers 360-degree protection for your data with its advanced security features like two-factor authentication, encrypted messages, firewall, anti-virus, malware protection and much more. So if you still think that your local hard disk is a safe location for storing your files and folders then you are living in the world of imagination. Embrace the technology and start using cloud storage for your business.

Capitalize on cloud hosting

Cloud hosting is another great use of cloud computing which can be easily opted by small businesses with even a limited budget. Earlier, hosting was not a feasible solution for small businesses as it required the installation of IT infrastructure, hiring of IT employees and all these burned a hole in the pocket of small business owners.

But with the availability of the third party hosting, cloud hosting became an economical solution. There is a wide array of cloud hosting providers available in the market and you just have to choose the best one according to your need.

With the cloud hosting solution, you get anywhere, anytime access, high uptime, bank-level security, scalability, flexibility, multi-user collaboration and much more. One of the best examples of cloud hosting is the QuickBooks cloud hosting solution in which the business owners host their accounting software solutions on the cloud server of the third party. The cloud hosting has now become a new normal for most of the small businesses as it allows them to work from any corner of the world.

Adopt the best backup solution

For small business, creating backup has always been a complicated and time taking process and since the small business owners have already more on their plate, this lengthy task of backup ads up to their list of headaches.

The earlier process of creating backup included maintaining drives and then collecting them. But this was not the end of backup process as after that, the owners have to send it to the backup facility by jostling through the internet problems which can occur between originating and backup sites.

But with the power of the cloud, creating backup became a pie. Most of the hosting provider offers fortnightly backup solution without any extra charge. This helps the small business owners to eliminate the workload of backups and focus more on their core job. The hosting providers create backup of your data at different locations so that they can always be prepared for worst case scenarios.

Opt for an economical disaster recovery plan

Disasters never come with a warning sign and therefore there is no any way to avoid it. But you can be prepared for it through a precise disaster recovery plan. Although the traditional disaster recovery is complicated and very expensive and therefore it is not a feasible solution for most of the small businesses But the cloud computing solution gives you an opportunity to opt for an economical disaster recovery plan through which you can resume your business after facing loss due to any type of disaster, whether man-made or natural.

Cloud accounting has proved to be one of the biggest technological evolutions which has changed our lives and way of operating businesses. Nowadays, most of the people are being benefited from the cloud computing solution and a majority of them aren’t even aware about it. From your social media sites to Google drive, all these advance solutions are based on the cloud computing solution.

So if you are running a small business and still using the traditional method of storage, backup, software and disaster recovery, then it’s high time for you to move on and adopt the fruitful cloud computing technology. This cutting-edge technology will never disappoint and will allow you to work with more efficiency and accuracy. And the best part of this advanced technology is that it can easily fit in even your tight budget without compromising on its quality and features.

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