Store Your Experimenting Items In Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Store Your Experimenting Items In Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Cleanroom storage cabinets can be defined as laminar flow cabinets. It meets all the needs of the ISO5. It is a specially designed cabinet which is used for the purpose of storage of various kinds. With the help of the cleanroom storage cabinets, you can now easily store chemicals and various other stuff in it. It is specially meant for storing the laboratory items.

Cleanroom Storage Cabinets

Cleanroom storage offers several ranges of cleanroom products and also ESD storage products. Cleanroom storage cabinets comprise of a huge number of cleanroom dispensers, racks, pallet, wire shelving, plastic bins, plastic totes, carts, cleanroom carts, etc. Cleanroom storage cabinets also comprises of acid cabinets too. Now, these cleanroom storage cabinets are made of stainless steel and also plastic. So, you can choose any one of the cleanroom storage cabinets and store your stuffs of experimentation and others, etc. Also, there are many other different kinds of cleanroom storage cabinets also available where you can store your garments and other important items.

For Garments, Boots, Wipes, Booties, etc.

Cleanroom storage cabinets are used mostly in laboratories, research labs, scientific labs, etc. And one of the main reasons to use the cleanroom storage cabinets of different kinds is to keep the garments and other stuff of experimentation free from germs and contaminants. These cabinets are very clean and spacious and provide a proper space where you can easily store your cleanroom garments, boots, wipes, tools, and other necessary stuff. Cleanroom storage cabinets also provide for a laminar flow cabinet which is also good for storing medical items, food items, pharmaceutical, electronic items, and any other use where it is needed to store the items in a clean condition.

Protects your Items 

Cleanroom storage cabinets mainly protect the items from any kind of contamination from the air. Many times scientists and researchers will use certain garments and gloves and boots for experimentation and after the use, space is required to store these garments, boots, and gloves and mask carefully and neatly in a space which is contaminant free. In such a situation cleanroom storage cabinets come into play. So, this is one of the main reasons as to why the cleanroom storage cabinets are so much in use in the laboratory and scientific research labs.

Different types of Cabinets 

These cleanroom storage cabinets are available in 2 different types. One is the stainless steel storage cabinet which comes with a laminar airflow. And the other one is the polypropylene storage cabinet which comes especially with fan and HEPA filtration. It provides a storage space which is particle-free and it overtakes the ISO5 cleanroom standards. These cleanroom storage cabinets also come with a blower. There are many different types of cleanroom storage cabinets that are available in the markets. Also, their price range is an affordable one. There are various sizes and shapes in which it is available.

Shelving Rack 

The shelving system is another type of cleanroom storage cabinets which comprises of 5-6 or 5-8 shelves. These shelves are very useful for storing various kinds of chemicals and products and materials of experimentation. You can also store your gloves and other small gears which need a bit of oxygen or as the case may be. These shelves are open shelves. Then comes the storage cabinets. Here you can store various boxes, large containers which need to be contaminant free and free from air pollution. The storage cabinets have doors and an airtight lock system also.

Garments and Cabinets Racks 

Next is the garments cabinets and racks, here in this type of cleanroom storage cabinets you can store your garments of cleanroom, your apparel, your booties, your hoods, and other cleanroom laboratory supplies. These cleanroom storage racks are configurable one. Here you can store the items in a neat and clean manner, free from contaminants. This rack comes with a divided space for both long apparel, other clothes section, etc. where you can keep them folded neatly. Then another type of cleanroom storage cabinet comprises of a special bootie racks. These racks are designed in a nice manner where there are small compartments of more than 20 where you can place your booties.

Are you ready to use the cleanroom storage cabinets for your lab?

Now, that you know about the cleanroom storage cabinets and its usages and types in which it is available, it can be safely concluded that the cleanroom storage cabinets can be easily used in your laboratory and scientific research lab. Apart from that, they are also neat and clean and hygienic. It is perfect for the use in the labs where separate space is needed to place all these important items related to the labs and other research labs etc. Plus, it also guarantees that the items stored are safe and in a neat and clean space which is germ-free.

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