Strategic Planning vs Strategic Management! What’s Good for You?

Strategic Planning vs Strategic Management! What’s Good for You?

Strategic planning and strategic management are both critical for an organization’s growth and success. Strategic management is crucial leading to success in any endeavor, however, strategic planning is something that has become a habit for many. Be it moving to a different career or developing and presenting an idea to a whole bunch of intellects, planning is required. Here’s what you should know.

Strategic planning Vs Strategic management

Most people will often come up with a statement saying both these terms are similar. They might be partly true, since both compile of the same process, however, they imply slightly different implications that business professionals must be acquainted with.

Strategic planning

Proper strategic planning is crucial to every organization since it gives them the purpose of direction in which they need to move ahead. It is a process that formulates a direction for an organization, and inconsistent. An organization needs to have a proper goal and objective to be able to fulfill the vision that has been categorized for the organization’s future. This does not work like how the traditional conventional long-term plan works but works backward. For example, one can define the result first and then plan accordingly rather than plan and then work according to the plan. And in a long-term plan, the planner looks for ways to reach the next step. However, this is not the same scenario for a strategic planner. In such cases the planner reaches the next level then contemplates on what’s needed to be done next.

Strategic management

It is a continuous process and not a one-time process. But this requires constant evaluation of the company. Strategic management when done right is important for long-term planning. If said that the organization is carrying out strategic management, it simply means that the organization has formalized with a strategy that identifies the goals and business achievements the organization looks forward to achieving.

For business professionals, it is highly important that they recognize the difference between strategic planning and strategic management. A business once defined clearly and put into action can determine the success of the organization in alignment with business goals. Having the necessary resources can clearly define the goals and improve business goals.

A proper strategic management plan goes beyond improving business goals. A good plan provides the organization with a valid social license for operations. With the rapid advancement in today’s industry, the need for strategic management has become utterly important. For strategic management to remain successful, professionals and business leaders must have a bird’s eye view of the organization, as well as understanding the core business functionality of the company.

If you’re looking to get into leadership and development roles, then it is mandatory you have in-depth knowledge in this field. With the advancement in technologies, the techniques have also transformed. Looking to perfect the techniques and challenges in a competitive job market, then probably a strategic management certification is an ideal start.

Strategic planning and strategic management have been consistently used together. However, the differences are important for the organization looking for a reliable strategy.


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