What Happens When You Take the HUMAN out of Human Resources?

What Happens When You Take the HUMAN out of Human Resources?

Technological developments over time have taken us a long way. So far, so good! Things that seemed impossible to even think of in the past, have now become everyday chores. All thanks to science & technology for being so kind to us! Really? No! The human race is solely behind these life-changing inventions and discoveries. It is the thinking, evaluating, and innovation capabilities of mankind that have led us to an altogether better world to live in. 

However, machinery and mechanization have undoubtedly made our lives simpler and ten times more efficient. Organizations today are more than partially dependent on intelligent systems and software. And one of the strongest pillars of any corporate establishment, i.e., the Human Resource Department is no different. From hiring and training employees to managing them till their exit, 75% of the tasks are controlled automatically using HRMS software and technology. 

The mechanized HR solutions have taken over the HR sphere so quickly and powerfully, that very little of the ‘HUMAN’ is left of Human Resource. 

Let us first see what is meant by H.U.M.A.N in human resources and how it is imperative to stick to it:  

‘H’ is for Humanize

No matter how much we credit technology for streamlining the HR operations, manual intervention is still a must. We can’t expect robots, machines, and artificial intelligence to take the primary control of companies overnight. It will take centuries for that to happen. So, keeping fantasies apart, the human touch is a crucial ingredient to make organizational processes function properly. Not treating employees like tools, providing them work-life balance, and looking after employee engagement & satisfaction are some examples of keeping the ‘Human’ alive in the HR. The ‘humane’ part will keep your employees retained and the business up and running for the longest time.

‘U’ is for Utilize

If the ‘Humane’ part of your organizational body is functioning well, the next step is to make good use of it. When we say “HUMAN”, the ‘U’ stands for proper ‘Utilization’ of the employees. When you hire an HR, he/she is not supposed to be doing all-inclusive tasks of the department. There is a specific role for each HR professional based on their skills and experience. From recruitment, time & attendance management, training & development, and payroll processing to performance assessment, benefits administration, workforce management, and employee exit, the KRAs have to be distributed thoroughly. 

‘M’ is for Manage

People management is one of the most crucial tasks in any running enterprise. The HR departments are known for their organized structure and synchronized orchestration. This is all because of the tireless efforts of professionals to manage the employees and workflow effectively. Take management out of the picture and the organizational unit will be all over the place. So, if you do not want the company to fall apart, take care of the ‘M’ in Human. 

‘A’ is for Advance

Now comes the little intervention of Technological Advancement in human resources which is more than sufficient for a smooth flow of the department. Over the past decade, there has been a huge talk about HRMS software in the market. It has done wonders in the HR sector like no other development could. The current scenario is such that it has become a part and parcel of the HR domain in every organization. Be it employees, managers, CXOs, or customers, the software caters to the needs of everyone involved in the business. But again, we cannot run away from the fact that at the end of the day, the HR software also needs human hands & brains to operate.

‘N’ is for Nurture

Since we say “humans first!”, it is important to throw light on the fostering and promotion of human resources. The right atmosphere, company culture, guidance, and acknowledgment can take the employees of an organization to heights. Likewise, it is extremely necessary to nurture technological adoptions by upgrading and servicing them on time. And in turn, the business will also touch the skies. 

What happens when there is no HUMAN in human resources?

We will now come to the bottom line of the blog, i.e., what will happen if the ‘Human’ is taken off the human resource table? 

People – The Most Valuable Asset

There is a saying – “While ordinary organizations are built around processes and systems, great organizations are built around people.” Now you decide whether you wish to have an ordinary organization or a great one!

Human Brain Is Supreme

As mentioned in the introduction, it is the machine & technology that has made our lives easier, but everything is a product of the human brain after all! So, if there is no human or human intelligence involved, there will be no further progress. With no human intervention, even the current stable condition may go down.

Customers Prefer Real Conversations

When it comes to interacting with other human beings, machines and robots fall short of understanding, and emotional/ empathetic connection. This is the reason why a real customer service agent can do what the pre-recorded voice chats never can. It’s no rocket science why customers wait in line for hours to talk to an executive in person or over a call.

Networking And Social Presence

Again, the human art of conversation, interaction, persuasion, and negotiation is beyond the power of any software or technology. The key to making strong and long-term business relationships is networking and social connection which, of course, humans are pro at. No wonder why it is so necessary to keep the human in HR alive.

No Feedback = No Improvement 

Lastly, we know the whole purpose of running a company is not only to survive but to compete and strive for the number one position. Also, not forgetting that the place has to be sustained, a word of mouth, constant feedback from the employees and customers, and the real-time reviews by people is what leads to improvement and finally success. See, how powerful humans can be!

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