Techniques For Buying A 45 Ton Reach Stacker

Techniques For Buying A 45 Ton Reach Stacker

If you are intending to purchase a reach stacker, it is advisable to read this article to the end. Reach stackers are used for lifting and moving intermodal containers. These containers are specially intended for fast-paced shipping. Because these containers are capable of carrying a lot of weight, specific machines have to lift and move them.



Reach stackers are specifically designed for lifting and moving these intermodal containers. While there are a variety of sellers of reach stackers, it is crucial that you realize the differences between various models to decide on the best one. The following is what you should find out about acquiring the right reach stacker:

Decide on Capacity of Reach Stacker

This equipment is sold in a large range of lifting capacities starting from several tons to greater than 50 tons. For example, if you opt for a 45t reach stacker, it is capable of doing safely lifting and moving 45 tons of weight. When it comes to picking the right lifting capacity, it is essential to find out the most load which is expected to be lifted. Will not blindly trust the lifting capability mentioned in the manufacturer’s website. There is a lot of distinction between real-world operations and lifting capacity tested in ideal circumstances.

Pick the best Manufacturer

Since this reach stacker for containers  is utilized for lifting and moving extremely heavy loads, any difficulty throughout the operation can cause an enormous loss of property and also life. This is the reason you are unable to take chances using this type of machine. So as to make sure you are buying the right machine, experts recommend deciding on a manufacturer which has been active within this industry for quite a while. The producer needs to have a great reputation for their product quality as well as after-sales service.

Each time a machine can do lifting such heavy loads, it must undergo plenty of deterioration which suggests it must be serviced and maintained properly. Some components will also need to be replaced at regular intervals. However, not all manufacturers have got a decent service network from where you could get these replacement parts. Pay special attention to the option of replacement parts and also the accessibility of service engineers in choosing a particular manufacturer to make positive that the reach stacker for containers will probably be serviced at regular intervals without any issues.

Don’t Decide on such basis as Price

A common mistake made by beginners with this industry is they choose this machine on the basis of the first price quoted from a manufacturer. Everybody recognizes that they ought to require estimates from 3 to 4 manufacturers to obtain the best value for money. However, opting for the least expensive choice is not right. Generally, the cheapest option available in the market ends up being just about the most expensive options over time. When comparing estimates, take notice of the sum total of ownership across the expected service lifetime of the reach stacker.

To conclude, there are a number of manufacturers of reach stackers. However, choosing one without having done any proper research might be a big mistake. This is the reason you must take notice of the lifting capacity of the machine, the reputation of the company, and after-sales support made available from them when selecting this machine.

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