The Battery That Never Sleeps – Enphase

The Battery That Never Sleeps – Enphase

Batteries a very common name commonly used. We use batteries every now and then, may it be or home or office normally where we spend most of our quality time. All the gadgets we use may it be a watch, telephone, laptop and mobile phone, the battery is the life saver. Here we are talking about batteries as a part of the gadget, we do not calculate the financial effectiveness while using this small piece of equipment. But when it comes to energy supply the costing comes into factor and the importance of battery is realized.

The basic function of a Battery is to store the energy which can be used later as and when required. Solar batteries are one such equipment that would be used in every house in the coming future. Our Enphase batteries provide every reason to be on the top list of the priority while selecting because of the following reasons:

  • Modular, plug and play solution and wall mounted system that can be arranged in a number of configurations and capacity based on individual’s requirement.
  • Facilitates expansion for growing energy needs
  • Comes with a long-life and ultra-safe LiFePO4 battery chemistry with high depth of discharge
  • Smart energy management structure helps in low energy consumption resulting utility bill savings and battery life
  • One unit going offline will not impact other units.
  • Highest round-trip efficiency at 96%
  • More than 10 years of life with two cycles daily
  • Seamless, whole-of-system communication and online monitoring accessible from anywhere with Enphase’s software
  • Our Enphase battery Installer will provide an additional offering to make your experience better.
  • Three step Easy installation – faster than you can think.

Enphase Batteries tend to offer a fresh approach to home energy storage not anything else what others offer in the market. Most of the storage systems consist of simple battery bank and a battery or hybrid inverter. It converts the DC electrical energy into usable, appliance-friendly AC electricity. The storage systems also comes in the form of all-in-one, plug-and-play devices from a single manufacturer. It could be designed by an engineer as well, using components from different manufacturers. The former are simple to design and install, while the latter are more flexible with regards to the size and system layout. The innovative genius of Enphase’s AC Battery is that it combines the best qualities of both types of systems: plug-and-play simplicity with a high degree of flexibility.

Enphase batteries are fully incorporated with Energy management system. The modular design of the plug and play Enphase Battery Installer can install multiple units very easily, that allows flexibility of scaling up with more batteries as electricity usage changes over the period of time. It also means that customers can optimize their storage system to capture their excess solar power generation and maximize the output that the batteries can provide.

Using a perfectly installed battery helps to manage efficient distribution and saving money and energy. Before you plan to buy any battery for storing solar power always think of Enphase.

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