The Benefits & Drawbacks of Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping

The Benefits & Drawbacks of Open Vs. Enclosed Car Shipping

Your vehicle can be transported openly or enclosed using one of two auto transport methods. The following article goes into detail how they differ and what they can deliver in terms of service, safety, cost, and more.

Enclosed transport may be more expensive than open shipping; however, the extra expense may be worth paying if you are shipping an exotic or luxury car that will require extra protection during transportation. You could also consider this method when shipping to or from vehicle shows as this will give you greater peace of mind that your vehicle will arrive exactly in its original condition.

Open is generally the quickest solution when it comes to shipping your vehicle. This is because many car carriers utilize either an open-air trailer or enclosed hauler when hauling vehicles and are typically very busy. As a result, this service gives you a much higher chance of having your vehicle collected and delivered within the window you desire.

Note, however, that when using this service you should accept that your vehicle could experience minor damages during transit due to other vehicles being stacked atop of it and debris being kicked up during transport which could potentially scratch or dent its bodywork causing scratches or dents on its bodywork.

Therefore, it is highly advised that you only opt for this mode of transport when transporting an inexpensive or older model vehicle that has already experienced wear and tear. If you want your vehicle safely transported we advise enclosed vehicle shipping as the preferred solution.


Before selecting open or enclosed vehicle transport, it’s important to consider its advantages and disadvantages based on your needs, timeline, and budget. While both options will transport your vehicle safely from point A to B, each provides different levels of security and protection – open being more cost-effective and quicker while enclosed transport offers additional peace of mind – often best used with exotic or classic vehicles.

No matter the car you need to transport, it is essential that you use a reliable auto transport company with access to appropriate equipment and experience. For any queries about our services please reach out.

Open car transportation involves transporting your vehicle on an open trailer. This type of carrier, usually a standard double-decker freight truck, can carry up to ten vehicles at once. While most standard cars don’t experience any difficulties during transportation, debris could potentially damage it during transport.

An open carrier trailer exposes your car to rain, dust, frost, birds, road debris and the elements – leaving it exposed to raindrops, dust storms, frost birds and road debris that could result in scratches or dents on its body as well as engine corrosion or, according to this link, damage due to overheating. Being exposed to direct sunlight could discolor or fade its paint job over time.

Enclosed carriers provide more security than open carriers due to solid walls and roofs that encase them, plus their larger space allows drivers to inspect your vehicle more easily during shipping – helping ensure it arrives in its original state.


Vehicle shipping can be an efficient and affordable way of moving your car across several states without driving yourself, but choosing the appropriate method is crucial – open or enclosed transport each have unique benefits and drawbacks which should be carefully evaluated against budget and timeline constraints. Here are some important things to keep in mind before shipping:

Open car shipping involves placing your vehicle on an open double-decker carrier, the most widely used and cost-effective form of car transportation available today. Widely available and quick in its operation, open car transport offers convenience for standard sedans and SUVs alike; accommodating up to ten vehicles simultaneously makes this an excellent option for fast transport solutions.

One major drawback of open car transport is exposing your vehicle to external elements during transit. Since these trucks do not feature sides or protective coverings, your car could become vulnerable to road debris and weather during its trip and might experience cosmetic damages during its journey. Although rare, such instances do occur and should be considered when selecting transportation methods for car safety.

Enclosed car shipping involves using a closed truck trailer equipped with four sides and roof to protect your vehicle during its travels. This method is especially recommended if you’re shipping an expensive or classic automobile; though more costly than open car transport and other methods such as hiring a private driver or similar.

Cost of shipping your car depends on several factors, including its make and model; terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door delivery method chosen; as well as any price lock guarantees or price guarantee policies offered by professional auto transporters. If you need help determining which option best meets your needs, don’t hesitate to get a free quote from a reputable auto transport company and request one – they’re sure they have one that suits! They can help find you an option within budget that won’t change midshipmen!

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