The Knife Connection Has Handmade Knives For Sale

The Knife Connection Has Handmade Knives For Sale

Knives are valuable tools that can fulfill a wide range of functions. If you are looking for the highest quality knives, you need to see the custom and Handmade Knives For Sale here at The Knife Connection. These knives are all handcrafted by dedicated knife makers to ensure amazing attention to detail. Due to the handmade nature of these blades, every single piece is truly one of a kind.

Our selection handmade knives for sale includes dozens of options from several brands dedicated to producing the best knives possible. Many of these knives are not just tools, but they are truly works of art. We carry handmade knives from the following brands:

Winkler Knives – This brand is focused on producing custom tools designed and constructed with function in mind. Their custom knives and axes have been used by members of the armed forces and law enforcement officials for years and the owner has been smithing blades full time since 1988.

W.A. Surls – This relatively new manufacturer has quickly gained a following due to his attention to detail and the simple yet elegant appearance of his knives. If you are looking for a solid knife that looks as good as it performs, you can’t go wrong with our options from W.A. Surls.

Valkyrie Knives – The owner of Valkyrie Knives is the shop manager of Fiddleback Forge, another handmade brand we carry. With a lifelong passion for knifemaking, he has begun to offer his own gorgeous knives for sale under his own brand. He only produces a few knives a week and they are guaranteed to be an impressive addition to your collection.

Lon Humphrey Knives – Lon has been making knives for over 30 years and his shop combines both modern and traditional knife-making techniques. Lon Humphrey Knives is a family-owned and operated shop located deep in the Ohio Woods. These knives are built with hard use in mind and Lon is a master of heat treatment to ensure that your new handmade knife will hold a perfect edge.

Fiddleback Forge – This brand has moved from a garage hobby to a full-blown business in just a decade’s time. Fiddleback Forge is now a team of professionals and apprentices working hard every day to produce incredible handmade knives. They focus on the handle and the grind of the blade so you always know your new knife will be comfortable to use and will offer incredible performance.

Arno Bernard Knives – Arno Bernard is a South African based knife manufacturer focused on producing simple yet beautiful designs. They work on combining high-quality steel blades with distinct handle materials like giraffe bone and crocodile skin. These knives would look amazing as a showpiece, but they are also built to perform.

If you are looking to add a unique knife to your collection, these handmade knives for sale in our shop are all excellent options. Craftsmanship matters and all of these handmade knives are going to have a quality that a machine-made knife just won’t be able to match.

If you are ready to add a distinct one of a kind knife to your collection, it’s time to check out our inventory of handmade knives for sale at The Knife Connection. With several amazing manufacturers to choose from, you can always find a gorgeous knife that will meet your needs. If you have any questions about our handmade and custom knife selection or any of our other quality products, feel free to reach out to a member of our team at 1-866-336-2834 or

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