The Methods For Keeping Your Vape Juice Last Longer

The Methods For Keeping Your Vape Juice Last Longer

There’s nothing like running from the juice when you crave a vape.

Worse, it could be in the middle of the night or you end up in someplace where you can’t get a vape shop, online or otherwise.

If you are a former smoker, then you may understand it is best practice to always have some backup smokes available. You probably learned the hard way.

It is not any different with vaping, as anyone who has been vaping for some time will say.

But vaping is vital for you personally if they asked you!

Still, that places more importance on the habit of saving up some e-liquid for a rainy day if you end up in such a bothersome situation.

In this article, we summarize a few steps that can go some way towards extending your e-liquid supply.

The bonus that accompanies it is that you will find yourself saving money along the way as you’ll be using less of your juice.

Lower your Wattage

Whether your device uses wattage, voltage, or temperature control, it might be a fantastic idea to lower the energy as much as possible if you’re on your last bottle of e-liquid.

That’s because the more energy you use, the more juice you have, and then, the quicker you will down your gear.

If you’re using a sub-ohm, look at powering down your apparatus in addition to these are high-power devices. Experiment with several settings to establish a balance that works best for you.

Use a Top Resistance Coil

Low resistance coils – and by these, we mean coils made for sub-ohm (below 1 Ohm) – are not meant to be utilized at reduced wattage.

Otherwise, you won’t get much of a throat hit, let alone sufficient vapor.

To function optimally, low resistance coils require more power. That means if you want a satisfying (and effective ) vape, then you’ll have to switch to a higher resistance coil.

But that will also mean using a low-power device (anything not called a mod or even sub-ohm).

You do have a vape pencil somewhere, don’t you?

Which takes us into another stage

Switch to Vape Pens and Pods

Sub-ohm can be an expensive pastime, particularly if performed regularly.

That is because it uses high-powered devices that gobble up Cheap Ejuice much quicker than a regular vape pencil or pod is capable of.

So, when you find your equipment running low and there does not seem to be some salvation insight, you may be sensible to put your sub-ohm down in favor of a private vaporizer or even pod vape.

Bump up your Nicotine Concentration

In the event you end up in a circumstance where e-liquid is a small luxury, you might want to cut down on the amounts you have.

One way to do so is to opt for greater power juice.

In this manner, you may vape so will need less e-liquid to meet those nicotine cravings.

If you find yourself vaping nonstop and it just isn’t hitting the spot, consider raising your nicotine level. If you’re a seasoned vaper and still find yourself chugging away all day long, try using juice with more nicotine. This ought to make the most of the juice you have because you won’t need as much to get the same hit.

Opt for Nicotine Salts

Likewise, another way you can gain maximum satisfaction by a juice without using much of it’s to go with nicotine salts instead.

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