The Significance of Cable Tie Mounts

The Significance of Cable Tie Mounts

Wireless has taken over our lives. Be it headphones, charging, or playing video games, the mess of tangled cables are issues of the past. But we can never do away with cables completely, especially for the fiber optics that provide internet and cable connections to our homes. Most people prefer wired gadgets over wireless cause the former are cheaper and easy to replace when damaged rather than having the entire circuit replaced. In such scenarios, having your cables in a single place and without a mess requires the aid of cable mounts.

Cable Tie Mounts

What are Cable Tie Mounts?

The main purpose of cable mounts is to keep the multiple cables running along your walls in a single place. If you are looking to keep certain cables separate, you can again use these mount bases as these fixtures serve multiple purposes. No matter what size and shape you require, you will get the correct tie mounts to fit your need. As for the material, there is a wide range of materials that are used in making these mounts and each has its own set of advantages. Which type of mounts you will choose will depend on o the purpose and the duration of the use. It will also depend on the structure where the mount will be placed.

Benefits of opting for Cable Tie Mounts:

As mentioned earlier, the material used for making the cable tie mounts often determines its functionality. They usually make these mounts of nylon, steel, and you also get the self-adhesive kind. Each cable tie mounts have usage in various places, some are ideal for tying cables that get heated quickly while some are perfect for clearing the desk clutter, some are even best for drawing heavy cables over to the top of the buildings. We are going to list the benefits of the 4 major mounts so you can make an informed choice.

Benefits of Nylon Cable Tie Mounts:

  • Provides stability
  • Resistant to fire, hence perfect for areas where fire for massive heating is possible
  • These mounts are also resistant to corrosion, erosion, and acid burning
  • In terms of durability, nylon has a good aging timeline and is proven to be sustainable and long-lasting

Benefits of Steel Cable Tie Mounts:

  • Made with high-quality stainless steel, these are sturdy and durable
  • Given its strong capacity for binding it is used in many industries
  • Sturdy and often comes in handy in heavyweight industries
  • They make the edges smooth that prevents accidental cutting of skin while providing good grip

Benefits of Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts:

  • Made from acrylic adhesive, these have great surface bonding capability
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Perfect for surfaces where drilling holes for securing the mount is not possible
  • Ideal for surfaces tagged as low energy

Benefits of Hook and Loop Cable Tie Mounts:

  • These are ecofriendly and easy to use
  • Since they are not drilled into place or stuck on surfaces, these are recyclable
  • These are best used when you are looking for a firm grip on cables
  • Keeps the cables in place by reducing mobility
  • These are weatherproof
  • If you are looking for mounts for your fiber optic cable, this is the idea of choice
Cable Tie Mounts

Final Thought:

When you are choosing cable tie mounts you need to first consider what you are going to use it for.  When you have determined the use, you need to study the pros and cons of each kind so you get only the best for your purpose.

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