Things You Should Know About Gondola Shelving?

Things You Should Know About Gondola Shelving?

Are you opening a new store? Or thinking to revamp the old store to make it more appealing and engaging so that more customers tempt to visit your store? One of the most reliable forms of fixture because of the convenience it offers to the store owners is Gondola shelving. It is seemingly present in all the majority stores across all retail formats.

The retail industry has been using gondola shelving since 1950.

If you want to give a new look to your store you would certainly need a display system that is not merely functional but will maximise your floor space as well.

Stay tuned with us till the end to learn a few facts about Gondola shelving.

Read on to know about Gondola shelving.

What is Gondola Shelving?

Gondola Shelves are flexible, stackable, and convenient and can be placed anywhere. Gondolas Display is one of the versatile and mainstream shelving options. They can house all kinds of products but can also be useful for deciding the store’s layout.  This kind of shelving works great to configure your store layout.

Why should you opt for Gondola shelving?

Gondola shelving is versatile. Whatever display fixture you opt various factors are put into consideration. Gondola shelving offers convenience, durability and stacks all sorts of products. You can use this shelving for years to come as they are so sturdy and durable. All you require is making a significant investment upfront.

Whether you are opening a new store or simply need to add shelving, a gondola is a must buy. The flexibility of this kind of shelving makes it a mainstay in retail, business and warehouses.

Gondolas RetailYou can display product and discount Information

At the front face of the display, you can easily attach the price tags and discount info. Always remember, it is not merely the quality of the product you sell, how well it is presented to the customers, matters a lot.

Gondola Shelving is Cost-effective

When compared to other shelving options, gondola shelves are one of the affordable and choicest picks for the merchandisers and retailers. Also, this sort of shelving does not require any specific kind of maintenance.

Gondolas are available in a variety of styles and design

Gondola shelves are tremendously sturdy and versatile. Shelving stacking is of ultimate importance for your business. If you are eyeing for an avant-garde look, Glass Cabinets Direct specialises in supplying shelving and retail equipment to retail stores.

Buying the best Gondola shelving for your store can be intriguing because there are myriad gondolas available in the market and a wide range of selectable options such as height, width, length, colour and build up.

This mainstream shelving is placed at the centre of the retail shop.  Modern-day Gondolas are lighter in weight and available in many colours.

Bottom Line

Designing your retail space in a way to attract visitors is a brilliant endeavour. Gondola shelving is a standard display fixture used by retailers widely to display merchandise. This standard display fixture can display wares on both sides.

The flexibility and convenience of this sort of shelving make it an ideal choice for the businesses, warehouses, and retail environments. The prime reasons to use gondola shelving is they are inexpensive, demands low maintenance and easy to install.

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