Things to know about plastic extrusion

Things to know about plastic extrusion

Plastic extrusion is a manufacturing process of plastic products. Raw plastic is melted and is used to develop some plastic products such as pipes, tubes, fencing, window frames, films, plastic sheets and wire insulation. Basically raw plastics such as plastic pellets, granules and powders are fed into a barrel, and then heat along with chemicals pass through the barrel. Afterwards the moulted polymer is forced into a die to make the plastic sheets. Then the fabricator can use these plastic sheets to develop new products according to their requirements. There are basically three types of plastic extrusions available such as extrusion, injection and blow moulding. Extrusion and blow moulding is a continuous process and injection moulding is a discontinuous process. However, extrusion is a process that can develop the melted sheet or dies through the heaters. Some chemicals are also involved in this extrusion process.

Few products that can developed by plastic extrusion:

Plastic extrusion can develop numerous products such as plastic tubes, sheets, films, pipes and lots more.  Even they can be used for designing some domestic household products and plastic furniture. For example, plastic sheets can be turned into the drinking cups and storage containers. Apart from that, plastic films are used for grocery bags and these films can save the food from contamination. On the other hand, plastic tubes and pipes are used in the domestic and commercial establishments for plumbing works. Plastic tubes cannot get affected by heat and adverse weather, and they are much durable than metal pipes.

plastic extrusion

plastic extrusion

What is the plastic extrusion process?   

Plastic extrusion is basically done for transforming the mass plastic into melted form, and there are two types of technologies used for the extrusion process, which are a single screw and twin-screw extrusion. Single screw extrusion is commonly used for moulding plastics, and the twin screw extruders break down the raw plastics by counter-rotating and co-rotating technology.  The counter-rotating technology use double screws which rotate in the opposite direction and the co-rotation technology uses two screws that rotate in the same direction. Apart from the chemical process, these extrusion screws play a major role in melting the plastics.  Plastic extrusion cannot be done without the extrusion screws, and if you want to develop some plastic products or recycle the plastics then you need to install the extrusion machines. These machines are expensive and people can outsource their extrusion project to some other companies. But before hiring any plastic extrusion company, you need to check their work experience, customer reviews and license. Plastic is a non-bio-degradable product now, and chemicals used for extrusion is very harmful to human health. So, people are suggested to maintain the safety measurements during the plastic extrusion process and only trained technicians can deal with these processes.

Why would you become a plastic extrusion operator?

Plastic extrusion operators mainly run the drawing machines and control the machines via the monitor. They deal with the thermostatic materials and chemicals. Many industries need the plastic extrusion operators such as manufacturing industries, general plastic suppliers and automobile industries. Even aerospace manufacturing industries use the extrusion process to develop their different products. As such there are no technical courses offered for specific plastic extrusion process, and anyone can join as extrusion operator in some companies. Afterwards, they need to complete their on-job training to enhance their skills in this field.

So if you want to become an extrusion operator, then you can apply for some plastic manufacturing company and then complete your training in this field.

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