Things That You Cannot Keep In Self Storage Unit

Things That You Cannot Keep In Self Storage Unit

If you are moving to or from Hyderabad then this blog is definitely going to help you out with some knowledge for the things that you cannot keep in a self storage unit. Packers and movers in Hyderabad provide with this facility to help their customers for keeping their extra belongings.

Self-storage is something that very helpful for people while moving, remodeling, or even if they just need some space to put some of their stuff. But there are some things that you can safely put into storage, on the other hand, there are some items that you should not put in a storage unit—and it’s essential to know what are those hazardous items so that you don’t pack these items for the purpose of storage.

There are many storage companies that all have their own rules, regulations, and policies that you will have to follow and pack your items for storage for their standards. This involves all the general belongings that is impossible to be kept in the storage units either for safety reasons or for something that is illegal. There are many items that are banned for some legal reasons that are not that much clear but that still prohibit you from bringing such items in.

Whatever the case maybe, if you are planning to rent a storage unit, don’t forget that you are familiar with what you can and can’t store in it. so that you don’t feel anything that is inconvenient to you later on.

Here is the list of things that you cannot pack to be kept in the storage units:

What you can’t put in a storage unit

Different storage companies have different policies, and that includes rules on prohibited items. In general though, here is the list of 11 items that are necessary for you to store things over there.

• Eatables

• Things made of hazardous materials

• Illegal goods

• Stolen items

• Weapons

• Living items

• Thing that are wet

• Items that are priceless

• Cash

• Tires

• Items that are unregistered


Perishable food items are not supposed to be kept in the storage units, even if you are hiring a climate controlled unit then also they’re not going to stay fresh for a very long period of time. Even shelf stable items are quiet risky, the possibility of bugs and rodents increase that can cause damage to other items as well.

Always bear in your mind that perishable items are not allowed to be kept in the storage units, and if you are confused for keeping any non-perishable items then, ask the storage organization to find out what are the policies that they follow and take their advice as well. You might be able to store some of the shelf stable food items if you are able to keep them in sealed containers, but it is better to gain knowledge about these things in advance.

Things that are hazardous

If there is anything that is toxic and flammable, then you are not allowed to keep them in storage unit. All this includes:

• Oil

• Paint

• Radioactive materials

• Paint thinner

• Grease

• Fertilizer

• Acetone

• Propane tanks

• Kerosene

• Turpentine

• Fireworks

• Gasoline

• Chlorine bleach

• Compressed gas

• Gasoline

• Acid

Stolen and illegal items

If by any chance you are planning to keep any such kind of an item, there is no way you are going to keep it in your storage unit. Not just because of the monitoring of the self storage unit, but their employees are also given the authority to call at the police if they find anything like that

Weapons and ammunition

Firearms, ammunition, and other weaponry—think hand grenades, flame throwers, and anything else you wouldn’t want going off accidentally are the things that you cannot keep in the storage units. That’s because these things should be with the people who own it and if anyone keeps it who don’t have any license or something then they can be in a big problem for sure.

Living and dead items

Needless to say that you cannot keep anything dead or alive in the storage units, this includes the plants, animals and even humans. People often pack some dead plants to be kept in the storage units but that is not welcomed by the storage unit owners.

Priceless and irreplaceable items

If you have something from which you cannot live without then you should not send it in the storage unit. It is not just about safety or liability, there is always some or the other risks involved when you put an item in storage, including the possibility that you have to face some of the problems later. That is the reason, while it’s very unlikely; one should always be prepared for the worst and keeps everything in mind regarding the unforeseen circumstances.

Undoubtedly, this apply all the valuable goods and antiques, many of which storage companies actually encourage you to store. But if it is something that you cannot replace then you should keep it with you only.


If you have any currency or cash to store, you should keep the extra money in the bank deposit instead for more safety. This is for the same reasons as above, with one more fact that you will simply have more protection for these items in bank and you will also be able to gain some interest.


Fur clothing need climate controlled conditions so that they can be fully preserved, including strict needs around temperature and light. As such, many of the storage organizations put furs on the list of items you can’t put in a storage unit. If you need to store fur, you will have to look for special storage units that provide climate controlled units.

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