Things to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Mixer in Kenya

Things to Consider When Choosing a Concrete Mixer in Kenya

So, you may have been considering buying a concrete mixer in Kenya to your construction project. Well, from the size of the machinery to the power supply, there are numerous important matters to consider before making a choice. There are several concrete mixers on the market and yes it pays to do your research prior to an alternative.

(i) Value

As with any other machinery, you have to be certain that any investment to your business will probably pay off. While purchasing a concrete mixer will involve a considerable amount of money, it could help you save a good deal from the long run. When conducting the math, consider how frequently you will certainly be using the machine, in comparison to just how much it costs to rent.

If you want to buy, you will find a wide array of prices. Models which can be less expensive are generally built from light materials, while people that have more robust and durable materials go at a higher price. If you are planning to make use of the mixer several times per week, you then should be satisfied with light-duty. Another benefit from the lighter, more cost-effective models is you can easily move them from a single spot to one other.

To the contrary, for those who have heavy-duty applications, then settling to get a light-duty mixer will undoubtedly become a bad investment.

(ii) The Size And Style

The regularity, and also the size of the project, directly affect the dimensions of the machinery, particularly the drum size. So, before buying a diesel concrete mixer in Kenya, consider your projects.

From small mixers to industrial-sized models, you will come across a variety of options. So, to ensure that you get the most from your machinery, ensure its size matches the dimensions of what you are typically tasked with.

AS-1.8 Self loader Diesel Mixer

(iii) The Strength Supply

When experiencing various concrete mixers in Kenya, you may quickly realize that you may have a choice between gas and electric variations. The main benefit of the gas model is it is not going to depend upon an electric power supply to run. This gives the flexibility of portability in varying locations without worrying about electricity access.

(iv) Used or New?

If you are with limited funds, then receiving a used concrete mixer may help reduce costs whilst getting an effective machine. This approach helps you have a quality concrete mixer in Kenya without spending big money.

A mixer not just needs to match your business requirements, but it also needs to match your budget. So, take the time to check out the mixer’s brand, the seller’s reliability and if you wish to purchase a used or new machine. Also, the age and condition in the mixer will have an affect on your final decision.

(v) The Starting Mechanism

A concrete mixer that’s much easier to start is orders of magnitude more convenient. Also, the starting mechanism affects its durability. You will find the pull-cord and electric start variations when conducting your shopping. The latter, obviously, may be the more sensible choice as it has less downtime.

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