Can Office Cleaning Really Drive Productivity In Your Workplace?

Can Office Cleaning Really Drive Productivity In Your Workplace?

There have been several recent studies that cite regular commercial cleaning in Adelaide offices as the reason behind improved productivity among workers. One of them even concluded that they found a 5% increase in productivity, consistent across the 100 employee office. While the studies themselves might have some flaws, the conclusions that they draw make a lot of sense.

First and foremost, regular cleaning in any workplace environment removes the lure of procrastination. We’ve all experienced it before, being ready to hit the books before an exam only to sit staring at a blank page. All of a sudden, you decide that the mess on your desk simply cannot wait any longer, and end up spending three hours cleaning the house. Procrastination of this sort is your mind trying to justify to itself why you’re not getting any work done. You’re not sitting idle at a desk; you’ve achieved so much in cleaning the whole house! Of course, as soon as this feeling has worn off, you remember that you’ve actually got none of your relevant work done and are back to square one. By employing a regular cleaner in your office, you will ensure that employees never have this excuse, and so will be forced to remain on task and work efficiently. It will keep desks free from trinkets that can be distracting, and clutter that needs cleaning.

Secondly, a clean office is a comfortable office. It’s hard to concentrate and stay on task when there’s one little thing that’s driving you mad. Perhaps it’s a seam in your sock, or an uncomfortable chair. These tiny things that you usually wouldn’t think twice about suddenly seem to take over your brain when it’s time to do some work. Dust is no different, and some dust in the air or on your desk can wreak all sorts of havoc on your sinuses and distract you from the job at hand. Not to mention the fact that sneezing and coughing fits are hardly professional looking.

The third point is that a clean office dramatically reduces the time that your staff have to take off due to illness and health reasons. Not only does this improve productivity in that it leaves more days in the year when everyone is at work, but it also saves the business money paying for sick leave all the time. Not only do dust and allergens aggravate allergies and asthma, but other things like tripping over cables can also be avoided with a commitment to cleaning and tidying.

Besides, no one likes doing their own cleaning when someone else can do it for them. Commercial cleaning will result in a happier, healthier office, which will directly translate to enhanced productivity over the long term. See the difference for yourself in a few short weeks. If you would like to hire a reliable commercial cleaning business in Adelaide to complete your weekly office clean.

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